Sunday, May 04, 2014


We have been getting in the garden when we can!
 Our big flowery bushes are all in bloom, which makes the time in the yard even prettier.
 More spring rains and sunshine this week.  Mom and I ran a bunch of errands on Friday, including a stop in Sellwood
 I grabbed a nice big roll from Grand Central  then visited the goats and chickens at the farm store and spent some time twirling infront of the mural
 Saturday we got to go to G6 air park to celebrate Andy's birthday!  Mom and I only got to hang out for a little bit before heading off to Dance lessons, but it was pretty awesome!  I bounced for a pretty solid 45minutes and was totally dazed out all the way to dance class.

Owen and Dad came a little after us and had a blast for the rest of the morning.
 Lots of dodgeball
 and a few attempts at the ninja challenge.
 it was seriously tough

 though falling was super cool.

 Happy birthday Andy!  I love that we get to see you more and more often these days!
 Six is lookin' good on you.  Afterwards, Dad and Owen went to a comic book store for free comics day!  Owen got the last they had to hand out, plus they bought me a ninja turtle comic.  Owen was awesome and sat down and read it too me.

 Dad and I (and later Owen and Mom after their run) had a wonton making party.  I did awesome, made sure everyone had nicely separated wrappers and would wrap them myself too!
 we love wonton parties!
 Today was awesome 'cause Joaquin and Esme came over for a great play date.  We got to show off our new favorite app... you know that shows the digestive system complete with toots, burps and poops... hilarious!
 while Mom and Val put together a rhubarb tart.
 Later the fellas came out with the big box of baking soda and bottle of vinegar to do some "real science" in the sink.  Mom whizzed up some purple cabbage for some pH color change fun.
 While Esme and I played and sang to Frozen.

 After they took off, we made pizzas, worked on Owen's school project, hopped in the shower and were so helpful and awesome this evening while Dad was at a meeting, Mom even let us watch an episode of Avatar on a school night!  

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