Sunday, May 11, 2014

Salamanders for Mother's Day

It has been a lovely Mother's Day weekend!  Happy Mother's Day to all of the wonderful Mothers out there!  We love and appreciate you all!

We ended this week with a wonderful recital.  My class has been  going to Music all year and all of the second graders performed for our parents on Friday night.  We sang go tell it on the mountain, a couple of traditional african folks songs, and peace like a river.  I even got to play one of the instruments for the last!  We worked very hard on this all year and had a blast doing so.

Early Saturday, Vanessa and Liam drove by and picked me and Mom up for an amazing weekend away at Opal Creek for a family Amphibian workshop.

 We drove up, then had a long, meandering hike into Jawbone flats.

We did a lot of salamander and frog hunting on the way up... tearing apart rotten logs and peering in to creeks in our hunt.

  I found a lot of the critters we found, including an egg mass,

 two rough skinned newts and I am pretty sure a frog.

It was a LONG three miles, but we had so many adventures along the way it was great!

After we got settled into our cabins, we headed out again to the newt pond for some more hunting (slightly less fruitful),

before heading into a delicious dinner followed by a slide show.

Sunday was Mother's Day!  Mom and I got up early and had a nice quiet morning together before the rest of the gang awoke.

We read a bit then headed over to the newt pond again.... but this time we saw at least 10 newts swimming around, so that was exciting.  We had breakfast and headed back out of Jawbone via a beautiful hike filled with waterfalls, moss, lichens, trees, beautiful little orchids, and even a few more salamanders.

One we were uncertain of, but the other was definitely a Dunn's salamander

 and another rough skinned newt.

 Although Saturday was quite rainy on the way in, Sunday was beautiful and sunny!  
More fun for hiking,

though perhaps tougher to spy amphibians.

Liam whistling for his Dad who was over on Mt Hood!
Stair-step moss... each segment represents another year's growth!  A lot of that moss was older than me!

Owen and a red-banded conch... I was an expert mushroom hunter as well as amphibian stalker.

While we were away, Grace and Dad had a big day at ballet, filled with extra practice before the recital next week!  Sunday though they actually went fishing.  Grace went to Bi-mart with Dad, picked out her own purple lure.  They fished Henry Hagg lake, and G was the only one who had any bites and she ended up catching our appetizer... two trout!

They were so yummy for dinner.  Dad also made some pasta and put together a great Clam fettuccine, one of Mom's favorites.

Mom got to relax on the sunny deck while we ran around making dinner.

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Looks like an amazing weekend!So awesome.