Sunday, June 08, 2014


 Jake made my class armor and elf hats and we have been playing with them all week.  I finally took mine home.  Mom and Owen are nearing their 200th mile and to celebrate they signed up for a color run.
 It was a pretty great morning for a run, though the sky was a little grey, the run was full of blasts of color!
 Owen did his best to stay as clean as possible until Mom got him at the end
 but he got her back!
 many times over!
 We really managed to fill the weekend up!  After the morning run, I had ballet class and then we drove all over Clackamas checking out field sites for Mom's class this summer.  Luckily most of them were in fun parks with creeks, playstructures, and even fishing!

 Some were prettier than others, Owen and Dad both caught some fish and we all got to spend a beautiful afternoon in some great parks.
 Today was also packed.  We had a tri-congregation church brunch with ours, the Chinese and the Mexican congregation that all share the space.  We got things going with a fantastically diverse and delicious lunch...
 and wrapped up the afternoon with some music
 and dancing and a tri-congregational conga-line!

We got home for a bit of down time before heading out for (another) potluck at Mom's friend's Melissa's house where we met her kids Celia and Anna and saw our pals Joaquin and Esme.
We met a lot of great new friends and just LOVED spending the afternoon playing with our new pals
The awesome water war was a great way to kick off summer!

It was awesome, I would take run-bys telling the adults that "this is sooo much fun!!"

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