Sunday, June 01, 2014


We spent Memorial day on a family fishing trip to North Fork reservoir. 
 Really, all of us!  Dad managed to strap two kayaks on the Prius and we headed up and had a fantastic fishing day together.
 We did awesome!  Everyone caught their fill of trout.

 It was beautiful, easy paddling, fun fishing and a great day all together

That we finished up with a yummy smoked trout dinner!

 This weekend we got to spend Saturday with Esme, Joaquin and Val.  We started with the Farmer's Market, ostensibly for veg but really for flowers and a lot of running around on the grass,
 G & E made fairy houses and tried really hard to climb the trees

 After we took a midday break to take G to Ballet (and I got to hang out with Dad at the Kayak fest in Sellwood).  We grabbed lunch in town before heading back to meet our pals again for a great hike down in Reed Canyon.
 This is maybe the best we could do for a group shot.
 It was a super gorgeous day, we did the whole loop, even stopping for a game of chess under the bridge and some edemame snacks
 Impressively, everyone did great on the hike, and made it the whole way!

 Though perhaps the stop for palletas helped a bit.

 Today Dad and I went to church, and Grace and Mom went to the little gym for Zaeda's birthday!
 Z is Grace's best buddy at school and she just turned 5
 The gym was super fun, a good mix between organized activities and free play on the bars, beams, etc...
 aaand of course a morning spent with sweet friends from school!
It was a great day.

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