Sunday, June 29, 2014

home again!

We had an amazing visit in Fresno with Grandma and Grandpa.  They sure kept us busy (not a lot of pictures but a ton of fun!).  Josie and I had River Camp in the morning where I became an expert in finding tadpoles and catching all manner of river life with a net, including the largest fish catch of the week! It was pretty great, I learned to spy all sorts of birds, and play all sorts of new games.  Grace also had a great time at Zoo Camp that she attended with Jayce.  They were  there for a farming themed week and learned all about plants, though her favorites were feeding the giraffe and the bird show, she learned quite a lot about how things grow!  Of course, after a big day of camp, we would finish up with swim lessons!  We both learned so much that second week.  My strokes are much stronger and I look very much like a bonafide swimmer, with at least four strokes well under my belt.  Grace did fantastically as well and can swim across a pool, take breaths when she needs to, and even learned two strokes of her own.... crawl and breast stroke, or as they call them ... long arms and (the very complicated) cookie jar - monkey - airplane - soldier.  At any rate, we are totally swimming champions!  Dad will try to get our super swim video posted sometime this weekIt was so fantastic, and we are so grateful to the Vans for letting us swim and pal-ing us up with kids our age... thank-you!  Plus a SUPER HUGE thank-you to Grandma and Grandpa for taking such good care of us while Mom and Dad headed back up to Portland, we had a wonderfully fantastic time!

After we returned, we spent the weekend in reentry.  Grandma brought us back home and stayed just long enough for some dim-sum before returning to Grandpa and their quiet(er) days. Today we woke to an exciting morning.  There was an infuriating run of vandalism on our block (and several blocks around), some turkey spray-painted dozens of vehicles.  I totally went into detective mode, but since an actual detective was already on the case (and the folks got to talk with him a fair bit), we went much more into a reporting  and clean-up mode.  Although everyone is furious, the bonus part is that it brought out all of the neighbors and it was a bit like an aggrieved block party this morning.  We are lucky that a neighbor found that non-acetone nail polish remover would do the trick and it came off relatively well and we had the place cleaned up by noon.  Since we couldn't really define our first full day home with vandalism, we headed out for berry picking and did fantastically.

  Siskiyou blackberries were in full swing and we came home with an insane amount... 
close to 35lbs (including one bucket of chinook raspberries).

 This may have been our record for a day of berry picking.  
Of course, the folks have no real time to jam everything, but maybe we can pack up the freezer before jamming.
Although everyone had a good week away, it is great to be all together again.

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