Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sayonara Second Grade

 I finished up with second grade last week (we then rushed out of Portland so are just playing a little blog catch-up).  It was a pretty great (if not a little damp) finale to an awesome year.
 This is the year that I really really became a reader, I mean I came into second knowing how to read, but I am tackling any sort of book this year and enjoying them all, well as long as there is a dragon involved somewhere.  I even wrote several stories this year!  The longest was Owen and Thorin... sort of my take on the Hobbit as well as a pretty fantastic dragon story featuring my family as the dragons!  I am also great at Math and although there are some other basics that I need to keep practicing, I am even able to square most numbers, just like my buddy Aiden.  Aiden and I were pretty inseparable this year, and it was so nice to have a great close friend.  Mrs Delwisch was an amazing teacher for me, always so encouraging and positive.
 In addition to finishing up school, we celebrated Father's day and the greatest Dad!  I made him an awesome wind chime that we hung up, and Grace designed a pretty fancy card for him.
 Thanks for being such a wonderful Dad!
We actually spent most of Father's day on the road heading down to visit Mom's Dad too!  Up next... our California Adventures!

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