Sunday, July 13, 2014

Blue belt and Honeyman

This week went pretty amazing.  I got to go to trackers this week, which I LOVE.  This summer I learned all sorts of survival skills, both the ability to hide really well and be found (smoke signals etc).  I was an expert (maybe the best in my group!) at archery and at stealth.  I also had to pack in some make-up WuShu lessons and got to test for my Blue Belt.  I have now passed strait sword and will move on to cugel!  I am pretty excited.  The testing day went a little long, admittedly, so Grace spent  much of it practicing her hair-dos.  

 We headed out to the coast for our first summer camping trip.  It was pretty great, we went to Honeyman State park.  It was a pretty huge campsite, big for dune buggies, but we got some pretty huge and great sites (170 and 172).  It was pretty cool while we were there, but it was supposed to be nearing 100 in pdx so we'll take a bit of fog.  Honeyman is actually admid the dunes and surrounded by several awesome lakes.
  We spent much of our time at the Lily pond, which was perfectly situated near a sandy dune, making it a nice sandy fresh lake to swim in and paddle around in.
 We did a little dock fishing in the morning
 and even managed to net one of the may rough skinned newts that were swimming around.
 We were joined by a lot of friends this trip!  We, of course had our best camping buddies, Joaquin, Esme and Ray join us.  Joaquin and I got to share a tent this time and we did great... there was a lot of games that kept us up a bit late perhaps, but it was awesome to have our own space.  Also Mark, Susan, Geneveive and Amelia also joined us.
 We all got to spend some time on the water.
 Well, except G and Esme, who preferred the beach and splashing around with our friends.

 and snuggling up on the beach,

While we were playing in the dunes, Dad and Owen went out and caught a trout.
 In addition to the paddling, the swimming, the playing around we also got to run up and race down the epic dunes that Florence is famous for.
 We also enjoyed a few campfire stories
 and the awesome playground just next to our campsite.

 aand smores of course

We had a great time camping... though missed you Val!  It was a nice low-key weekend, which was perfect after a crazy busy week.  On our way out we visited the Darlingtonia bog (awesome little bog of carnivorous plants),
 and after much insistence spent a little bit of time at the beach.  Of course it was pretty chilly and the tide was in.
 so there were only the highest tidepools for exploring, but it was still a lovely beach.

All in all, a beautiful weekend and a great week.

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Val said...

Sounds like it was a great trip! Thanks for taking pictures. XOX