Sunday, July 06, 2014


 Happy 4th of July!  We celebrated plenty this weekend, with cookouts in the sunshine and friends!
 It was a beautiful afternoon, so we put a bunch of hotdogs on the grill and invited our friends over for the afternoon.  We had some fantastic parades and managed quite a racket with my bell set.
 The adults all got some awesome cuddle time with baby Ellie.
 The kids put together a paper airplane contest that was won by Joaquin, Andy and Alice...
 but everyone got some good tosses in.

 There was even a trick route for the planes... through all the hula hoops.

 aaand of course found our big stash of sidewalk chalk
Of course, we had some fun fireworks in the drive way.   

 everyone loves sparklers... I call them my bibbity bobbity boos, since I recently saw Cinderella with Grandma and Grandpa!

 We also got out in the blueberry fields this weekend as well.  This year we tried Anne Jones Sauvie Island Blueberry Farms which was pretty great, nice clean fields, loads of blueberries and even a bit of shade!  It did get hot pretty quickly though so we only came home with 16 lbs.
 I've started doing my own hair and am quite pleased with this look that I have almost perfected.

 Dad also took us swimming while Mom went to work for a little bit.  It was pretty great to be in the water again, though we stayed relatively shallow since it was quite busy and we were both there with just Dad.
 Today, we got to go to another cookout to celebrate having Ian, Christina, Elsa and Tilly back.  Actually we all go to meet sweet Tilly for the first time.... and her near twin Samson!  Thanks Laura and Joe for hosting such a great afternoon.  We had a blast, they had a big pool outside that we all loved splashing around in and then after loads of delish food,

 we headed across the street to the school to play some soccer.

and play on the jungle gym.
Pshew, we are exhausted but had a blast this weekend, thanks for everyone who shared with us.

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