Sunday, August 31, 2014

More Family Fun

Whew!  We had a blast in Wolcott visiting the Steves clan.  It was pretty awesome trip.  Pictures from last week included among general fun around town... a great family reunion where we really got to meet a lot of Steves that we either don't get to see often enough or have never met before.  It was a  wonderful treat.  
 There was, of course, plenty of fishing to be done.  Most days they caught a respectable 7-10 fish or so... but the day that I went out with them they got closer to 70!!!  not bad.  I pulled a few in myself, but mostly was in charge of putting the fish in the cooler.

 Good fixing for a fish fry!
 I also perfected my monster drawing (above)
 We saw the tree that was from Mom and Dad's wedding... it's looking pretty great!
 A nice evening at Brooks for frozen custard and fun.
 We spent a day out and about... We got to explore Fort Ontario, which has been around for since 1775 but restored to the civil war era.
 There were lots of cool nooks to explore

 and great views all around.
 including a view of Grandpa's new phone on the pavement below... oops
 Luckily it simply went back together again... All is well (this picture is of them right before they went down to check)
 It was a long morning and I couldn't wait to get to the beach as promised.
After spending the morning baffled that Ft. Ontario didn't look anything like the beach to me... it was fantastic to find one near Fairhaven.
 Oh maaaannn do we love the beach, even one on a lake!
 We met with Tami and Eddie there and walked to the end of a really big pier.
 The next day we celebrated Dad's 42nd birthday!  Happy birthday daddy.  He only looks serious here because we interrupted his complementary 42 wings from Captian Jacks.  Luckily he shared some and took some home.

 The great dinner out was followed by Apple cake back at Grandma's house.
 I think Dad was pretty happy to get a genuine Grandma Steves apple cake!

 In th elittle house out back that we stay in, not only is there Grandpa's toy collection but also a pool table.  Owen worked on his pool skills, I though he and Mom would never  be able to finish their game.
 Grandpa is much better at solitaire than they are at pool.
 The last day the guys went fishing, and I stayed home with Mom and Grandma.  Grandma made this cool stuff called cloud that kept me quite busy!  When I wasn't doing that I was playing waitress and taking lots of orders.
 Grandma brought out tea that we enjoyed on her deck with the last of the cookies.
 and dolly (in our matching Grandma made dresses)
 At last we headed home.  It was sad to say goodbye to them, but good to be home. Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa Steves for taking such wonderful care of us, organizing the reunion, fishing, exploring ... everything! We had a lovely visit!

 Because we were a little low on food, we enjoyed an evening out at the Jade district night market.
 In addition to an awesome lion dance that Mom and Owen enjoyed (I made Dad hide with me)
 there was also our favorite... salt and pepper squid with lots of tentacles.
Although we got to hang out with a lot of furry friends in NY (Miss you Max and Polar and Jazz), it was best of all to come home to our own sweet Scooter.
 Today we took it pretty easy.  We went to church.  Headed over to the Woodstock farmer's market for the first time this year... yep, nearly at the end of the season.  We grabbed a few treats and got our faces painted.  Owen asked for a lot of facial hair and mushroooms all over.
 while I asked for a butterfly.
 Our friends Linda, Alex Andy and Ellie joined us for a great Daddy made dinner of albacore bombs and some fun play time before heading back into the school grind.

 Owen also got a bunch more fish for his tank.  He is so excited to have a few little schools swimming around.  A few didn't make it and he is broken hearted.
speaking of broken hearts, our deep sympathies go out to our friends who lost their son Taylor this past week.  We will always remember him as the crazy teenager (one of the first teenagers Owen and I ever met) who ran around with us at one of our summer parties even though he was a lot older, he and Josh were so much fun... and even took running into the glass door (and leaving an impressive face print) with a sense of humor, even though it probably hurt.

Monday, August 25, 2014