Sunday, August 10, 2014

kickin' around town

We have a few more weeks of summer to enjoy.  It has been fun hanging out at home for a little bit.  I do miss my friends, but Mom is working the play-date angles when she can and we still manage to have a lot of fun.  
 Dance parties with our friends
 Or creative catch games work out well too.
 I've even tried a few classic science experiments.
 Mom did take us to the Manzanita Beach on Friday.
 Grace and I spent a lot of time catching and watching amphipods
 and taking them around the beach.
 Scooter enjoyed the sunshine and a few puppies that were romping nearby.
 and digging big holes in the sand... his favorite beach activity since he was a pup.
 It was a little windy, but the sun was out and the sand was warm!
 Yesterday we hit the downtown farmer's market for the first time this year.
 It was a great day filled with two-tart cookies, sweet tomatoes, and carrots!

  as well as some pretty amazing dahlias.  I picked out a HUGE stem that actually held five big flowers that looked like fireworks... the guy still gave it to us for $1.  I get all the best farmer's market deals :).

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