Sunday, August 17, 2014

splat splash!

Ahhh summer, but the countdown to school starting for Owen has begun.... 
We have spent the days pretty well ... I like to start each morning playing "store" with Dad while Mom and Owen are getting ready.  I am an excellent bagger, and managed to get about everything in the kitchen into a single bag!
 Watch-out Palace Food Depot, I'll be heading your way next!
 We started our week at home with some porch science... making potions galore with crushed sidewalk chalk, leaves, and finally Mom let us play with some vinegar and baking soda as well so we could get things bubbling.
 This was our favorite.  A big cookie tray filled with baking soda (we stock the biggest boxes we can find) and droppers filled with colored vinegar.
 Drop by fizzy drop until everything was covered and beautifully polka dotted and splashed around.  THEN we mixed it all up into a charming greyish green that we wore (and still is found in surprising places in the yard)
 Owen has been hanging out with Mom at work when she does go in and I have daycare days.  They are doing pretty great, in addition to making a ton of tassels (new craft project he is enjoying), reading through Mom's Calvin and Hobbs collection, a bit of summer homework and learning how to type from a yelling rooster with a British accent (which initially he was a little freaked out by the enthusiasm of the coaches, but then loved it), he got to see the Guardians of the Galaxy one afternoon after work was done and LOVED it... and in addition to the frozen soundtrack have Awesome Mix 1 (and then some) playing constantly. This Friday we headed to the zoo and had a blast.  

 The zoo is doing some serious sprucing, mostly with the elephant enclosure and a fantastic condor exhibit, but we really loved the new turf in the mongoose exhibit because now the little guys tromp right over to the dome that we can access from a little tunnel.

 the goats and anything we can get our hands on are always a favorite.
 My best Salvador Dali impression (with smoothie mustache)
 We hung out for a looong time with this zookeeper and redtailed hawk.  Owen and I are experts at spotting birds of prey and particularly are fond of the redtail, bald eagle and peregrine (but don't often see the last).
 On the home front, a lot of the week, our kitchen looked a bit like this as we had two simultaneous leaks (garbage disposal and faucet) that had to be fixed.  Daddy makes a pretty awesome repairman when he has to.  We replaced both, and who would have thought you would say, wow our sink works so well now... but it does, better than before!
 Friday our pals Alice and Henry came over for some Jackson Pollack painting... Thanks Val for adding your paint collection to our rather monochrome set of blues!  It was awesomely messy, and our lawn may never recover.    Everyone did a really fantastic job, and we all got some very fine art pieces to add to our collections.  
 Mom only snapped a few sedate shots in the beginning before realizing that having her camera out with flying paint was maybe a bit risky, plus she wanted to paint too!  Clean up of ourselves was not too bad (though there is still more paint being found in my hair, between my toes....)

 between Mom's toes....
 We got a short visit (just after maximum chaos and all of the art fun) from Calvin (Mom's HS friend) who enjoyed the deck and snack time with us.  He was particularly charmed by our awesome sunflowers.

 It was so great to catch up with him!  Saturday Dad took me fishing out of sellwood, we did pretty amazing, six fish!
Mom and Owen hit the farmer's market for more dahlias and some great cheese, purple veg (just cause they're cool) and mushrooms. 
 Oh and Owen's all time favorite... artichokes were in as well!

 Dad started harvesting his hops... with some help.
 We got to enjoy our new works of art!

 and we even hung up this collaborative masterpiece in the hall... it looks great!
 and Dad's summer farmers market masterpiece with some fantastic padron peppers... one pint was not enough for us.
 and an awesome loin of albacore, perfectly roasted veg and a home-made garlicky aoli.... so very good.

 Yes, that is an intrepid squirrel who has been leaping through our gigantic sunflowers,  He finally got the idea that instead of a few seeds at a time, it would be more effecient to just snag an entire flower...
 Owen had a birthday party of his friend Xavier out in Beaverton, and after a morning in a trampoline gym and an afternoon running around a park with his buddies he and Mom headed to Uwajamaya and they came home with noodles of course, but also sushi fixings and my absolute favorite... Beard papa.  mmmmm cream puffs.
 After dinner Dad took Owen out for fishing this weekend as well.  He did pretty well for an evening paddle, a giant pike minnow, but not quite as well as I did :)
Happy summer time!

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