Sunday, August 03, 2014

Timothy lake

Summer, water, fun.  
 Ahhh summer, Alice and Henry have wrangled a pick-up soccer game on Tuesdays.  Owen jumped right in, I was more hesitant, but eventually made it onto the field!
 The picnic was enjoyed the entire time though!  Mom has had a bit of time to herself, running errands, breaking-in her new serger, hanging out.  We are transitioning to a new phase of summer, where Owen, Mom and me will all be home for most of the days.  To kick it off, we headed up to Timothy lake for one more camping trip!
 It was actually our first lake camping trip.  It was pretty nice, the water is warm(ish) and calm, so super fun to play in.
 We did get a thunderstorm our first night, but it didn't even slow down dinner, just resulted in some weird swimsuit + rain jacket combos.
 it had passed by evening, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the sunset.
 Owen put his tracker skills to good use and was our expert campfire starter.
 While I spent as much time as possible in the hammock, pretending I was trapped in a blue banana or going on a boat trip.   Our pals Joaquin, Esme and Val showed up for the day, which was fantastic, because the entirety of our plans included hanging out at the lake, which would have been okay, but made much more fun having friends to enjoy the day with.
 Someone to help captian my hammock boat, and warm up with after a ton of time in the water.

 It wasn't all crazy fun, there were a few more meditative moments.
 before going out to catch crayfish.  E. and I didn't do that well, but Owen and Dad went out in the evenings and caught tons after the sun went down.
 Dad and Val brought out kayaks so we go to all spend some time paddling around the lake.  If you head out to the middle there is a beautiful view of Mt. Hood.

 Owen became an expert marshmallow roaster
 and made me a few perfect-o smores!!
 though Scooter loves to come with us camping, he didn't get any smores.
 even with the puppy dog eyes.  He actually was pretty exhausted, I think we keep him up when he is accustomed to sleeping all day.
 Two beautiful sunsets.
 and a beautiful, relaxing get-away.
 Our campsite was huge, just about 20 yards from the shoreline, though next time sites 39-41.

 There was a cute family of ducks that kept passing through our stretch of beach.
 This morning, Owen and Mom made a bunch of boats that they had me launch (since I was the most willing to get wet early in the morning)
 They did great, and first headed quite far out into the lake, but as the breeze picked up, 20 minutes later they ended up right back where they started.

 Although I really really was hesitant to do any  real swimming I did show off a few strokes, but mostly practiced being a mermaid or a waterbender. I
 We tried relaunching the boats, but the gentle breeze kept them mostly in our cove.
 even when we tried to get them out a bit farther.
 About 20 minutes into our drive home, the folks noticed things had gotten quiet in the back of the car... all three of us were zonked out (and considering Owen can make it down to California without a nap, he must have been pooped).

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