Sunday, September 28, 2014

5, 12

Okay, it's official, I turned 5 for reals this week!  We had another small celebration at home.  Dad surprised me with my favorite cereal!  While I was quite gracious, I was even more pleased to find that it really held an Elsa from Frozen dress... oooh my goodness I was pleased.
 almost as excited as Owen was!

I got to spend a fun morning opening all sorts of amazing presents
 from my sweet and awesome family and friends.  I really am loving this doll, Isabelle, though Mom really wishes I could figure out how to dress her myself.
 It was a pretty great day all in all.
 Mom got to spend it with me, since her classes don't actually start until this coming week.  We had a great day playing with everything and going out for an icecream.
 and being surprised by some beautiful flowers when we got home (and my new most favorite skirt!)  Thank you Aunties!
 In the evening we opened the presents from Great-Grandma and my Uncles in Tulare which was like an awesome treasure!
 and they are always so considerate and generous and send both of us presents on my birthday.  Owen was particularly excited by Uncle Andy's post-card collection.
 all topped off with... of course, more cake to celebrate!

 After a great week Mom and I spent some of Saturday at the Farmer's market while Dad and Owen went bass fishing.  I wanted to look my very best so got my whole outfit together (after Mom practically had to drag me away from the tea-party my dolls and I were having)

Although we really didn't have a huge veggie need, we did enjoy all of the music that was being played.  I particularly liked PSU's a capella group the Timbres.  

 The guys had a great fishing day and caught 12 bass (not eatin' fish this weekend alas), and returned in time for my Ballet class' picture day.  Actually there are only 3 of us in the class, but all of the pre ballet students took pictures together.
 Saturday afternoon was dedicated not only to the market, fishing, pictures but also it was time to refresh our Won ton stash, so we all had a great time together folding won-tons, knowing that our favorite meal waits for us on busy nights!
 Owen folded quite a lot, and I even got in on the folding game for a while, but would have to take periodic musical breaks.
 when we were done, we were so thirsty, Owen and I put together our construction straws, and I was pleased to have to explain to my dear brother that sometimes shorter... is better.  especially when you are thirsty!
Today we got to keep celebrating!  It is Mom and Dad's 12th wedding anniversary!  Can you believe it... a dozen years together.  We looked at their wedding pictures, in the morning, had a play-date with our pals (who are re-landscaping their yard, which makes for surprisingly relaxing trenches to kick-back in!).

While Mom and Dad went out for a drink together and to grab a few groceries
 Dad went home and started dinner, which was a good idea, since it took most of the rest of the afternoon to put together.  Indian food, from our pantry was a start-from-scratch affair.  We got home in time to help make Samosas which were fantastic

 The whole meal, mango lassi included was pretty fantastic!  Thank you for all of your hard work daddy!  Happy Anniversary!


Matthew Bracken said...

Congratulations to all of you! One bass for each year.

Amy said...

Thanks Matt! I hope you guys are getting settled in well!