Sunday, September 21, 2014

Guess who is turning 5?!

School is now in full swing, and I am even getting the hang of getting my homework done again.  Mom, Dad and Grace got to come in for open house this week and see my teacher's awesome rock collection, as well as explore my whole classroom.  
It has only been a few weeks but we have done quite a lot and I am loving the third grade!

Grace also got to start Ballet up again and is loving that as well.  It is a small class this term, only the two of them so far, We think they will be Arabian in the nutcracker this winter,  she is pretty excited and gets to practice all the parts.
A while ago, Dad and I inoculated a hay bale with some oyster mushroom spores and sort of forgot about it until Mom was working in the yard and noticed these beauties!
The big news really is that Grace is about to turn 5!  Tomorrow actually, but we celebrated yesterday with a bunch of friends.  I will miss being twice as old as she is.
We celebrated with friends and a Pancake party!
Daddy made an crazy amount of pancakes, Mom made a bunch of syrups (coconut, peach and blueberry) and we ate well, played well... and had a fantastic morning with everyone.
There was, of course, a pinata.  I LOVE pinatas.
It was pretty darned sturdy though and after dribbling out treats for a while we all busted it open.
and finally, enjoyed cake!!!
Thanks everyone for helping us celebrate my little sister!
Well, the parties continued today.  We went over to celebrate Ellie (1), Alex (4) and Linda (40!!)'s joint birthday bonanza!
Ellie did pretty well with her cake, all on her own!
and to top off a fantastic afternoon with friends, there were also lion dancers who came, danced and then gave us some history, stories and let us play too!

I got to do a lot of dragon dancing along the way, it was pretty fun!
Happy birthday dear friends!

so, Alex and Grace chickened out at the last moment and spent (not surprisingly for Grace) the lion dance inside, far away from the loud noises and scary beasts.  Well until they left, and Both of them spent a lot of time enjoying Alex's lion that he got for his birthday!


Rebecca Jackson said...

Happy Birthday Miss Grace!

James said...

Happy Birthday, Grace! Looks like an awesome pancake party.