Sunday, September 07, 2014

Hello third grade!

 Well, that pretty much wraps up this summer.  Good ol' summer of 2014.  We had a grande finale up at Rasmussen farms picking 60lbs of tomatoes and loading up on Gravensteins for lunches and fun.  
 It was a gorgeous sunny day, perfect to be in the country, with a great view of all the mountains.
 and to get our fill of summertime tomatoes and flowers.

 Then, on Tuesday, I started third grade!  Woo hoo!  I was pretty ready to be heading back to school, though I think we all could have used a few more weeks of vacation.  I am thrilled to be able to see all of my friends regularly again.
 and bike into school.  I am pretty excited about my new teacher.  Mr. A. will be great!  I am already looking forward to Tie-day Tuesdays, though need to expand my collection beyond my Dressed 2+2 success shirt (still my favorite... Thanks Grady!).
 Grace got to spend one of her days home with Mom with Val and Esme.  The grown-ups canned apple-pears and the kids played dress-up, Grace just LOVES E's elsa dress.  They were hanging out mostly to play with friends, but also because we got a new roof on and the roofers were in full force banging all day long.  I hear the new roof looks great though!
 Grace also spent a few days deep into puppet theater.  She became pretty skilled (all three are her).
 To finish up my first week of school Mom took us out for a pretty lux treat... at the Waffle window!  She went a little nuts and got the sundae which was insanely huge, but we managed to share it and get through it just fine.
 Saturday we decided to hang onto summer a little longer and spent a day at the beach.  We started out pretty mellow, lunch at Pelican, playing with the kite for a bit.
 Watched the Doryman land their boats, and finally headed up the huge sand hill.  I raced down too fast for Mom to grab a decent picture but she got these of Dad and Grace racing down hill.
 and oops.  No Graces were harmed... she popped right back up with a big grin.  The view at the top was pretty spectacular, but we left the camera at the bottom of the hill for some safety (see picture below).

 However, after heading up (and down) a few times.  We ran into our buds!  We sorta knew they would be on the coast, but not really sure where.  Just lucky to run into them and have a great last hill hike, say Happy Birthday to Val!!
 and practice our engineering skills.  You know, sometimes we go to the beach and I spend all my time hunting tidepools for cool critters, but this time we all worked together to build and test a series of dams.

 though I did get in a nested crab carapace collection.
 Today was dedicated to tackling our garage.  We have been asking Mom all summer to put together a lemonade stand and there was always some barrier.  Well, today was perfect... it was hot... the grown-ups had a front-yard project to work on and we were ready!  We made the sign, got everything set-up, brought out the cards to pass the time and manned the stand from 12-4 strait.  We did very well in the end, and thanks to some generous tips and lots of cups of lemonade, we made $16!

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Rebecca Jackson said...

Owen, Congratulations on starting Third Grade! Love the lemonade stand.