Sunday, September 14, 2014

seems Fair

Even though Owen is back to school, I am still part-timing it until Mom starts up again later... which means lots of messy projects at home.  Mom brought out a little container of water for me to rinse my hands and feet off... she stepped back inside for a towel and I took her quite literally.
 We had a Sept 11 service spreading of mulch around Church, and had a great, if not a little itchy evening with everyone...many hands make
 Later in the week we went to a boulder gym and climbed with Liam and Vanessa.
 My favorite was the slack line, but we all did a bunch of climbing around...
 L did awesome and was quite a climber.

 Though we all made it up (and down the cool slide that gives an easy way down)
 dark and light... we lost another chicken this week... our youngest Elsa.  Raccoons again, they opened up one of the coops.  On the light end of things, we had been thinking about getting a few new chickens so we started with babies this time.
 Meet JoJo
 and sparkles.
 Pancake Saturday... our favorite.
 Owen has taken charge of making Salsa for us... at least three times this week and it is fantastic!
 We went to two fairs this weekend... The Belmont street fair, which was pretty great, we ran into several friends ... JJ & Samson, and later Ellie, Alex and Andy.  We got to go into the old fire department and introduce Owen to a rotary phone!  Today, Dad went fishing while we headed to the mini Maker fair...
 It's a good place to play with the fancy new 3-D pens, meet storm troopers, make rockets,
get serenaded by the Unipiper
 Oh and launch those rockets.... a lot.

 I think we spent most of the first hour we were there at the rocket station.

 We finally moved on to making bugs with LED eyes
 Trying out the skate ramp + speakers that reminded us that our clan are not exactly made up of natural boarders.
 We are good at sculpting and eating chocolate though
 and riding around in a giant kingfisher rig.
 We started to get a little overwhelmed after a few hours and almost made it back to the car before getting distracted by robots
 and I am feeling there is sort of a star-wars theme going on here.

We finally made our way out after Owen started his first flint fire... he has been working on this all summer and finally was successful ... several times in a row in fact!
Pshew... it was an exhausting and super fun day, we came home and played with the chicks yet and doted on Scooter who scared off three raccoons last night (with Dad's help), but surely saved another chicken with his heroics.  Dad came home just after bedtime with two big chinooks!  Yay Dad!

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