Sunday, October 26, 2014

Two wheelin'

It's been a big weekend for me!  First-off on Friday, we got to try on our costumes for our winter recital.  Our class is "arabian" from the nutcracker

 we have some slinky outfits

 The parents were invited in so we could practice in our costumes for them.
 we did beautifully!
 Friday was also the Harvest Festival at Owen's school.  We had a fantastic time with the bouncy house, haunted house, crafts, and fun with all of the kids who dressed up!  Owen and I debuted our costumes (but the folks forgot the camera) and they were pretty amazing!  Thank you Grandma Terri for making them for us!  I know it was a tall order, but you totally came through.
 Saturday, Owen got to have a big play-date at wonderland with Aiden, so Dad took me to the park to practice two-wheeling.  I have been reluctant to give up my training wheels and they have been on and off my bike for the past several months.  Finally, I finally got it!!!
 Dad just had to explain it just-right, and I had to be totally ready and everything clicked and off I sped!
 I still need a boost getting started and braking isn't exactly happening yet, but I am totally excited to be zooming like the big kids!
 We celebrated with an Ice-cream with a special "unicone" with sprinkles.
 Today we got our costumes on again (In case you don't know about our favorite cartoon...I"m Katara, a water-bender and Owen is Aang.. the Avatar:  the last airbender).  Owen went all-in and shaved his head for the part, luckily he has quite a nice head.
 Like I mentioned, Grandma Terri wasn't exactly familiar with the cartoon, but she did some great research and came up with perfect costumes!  We joined our pals for a much beloved pumpkin-carving party together at Val, Ray, Joaquin and Esme's house!  Everyone did great pumpkins.  Most of the kids even carved their own this year!

 Plus we got to play with our friends and the Grown-ups, whom many started out in the same office and are now all spread throughout town, got to catch-up a little bit.
 There was a bit of chaos and noise, but mostly a lot of fun, good food and great friends!

 aaaand of course our annual pumpkin picture!
 You would think it would be easier to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time as we get older, but it is much the same... :)
 Awesome kiddos and awesome pumpkins!

Sunday, October 19, 2014


So we are a little bit behind most folks but hit a few fall highlights this weekend.  Dad and I went to a Salmon fishing tourney... maybe a bit early for salmon.

We didn't catch any, not many did,
but had a beautiful day out on the water, plus I did catch a small bull gill and had a great day together.  Mom and Grace spent most of the day at the apple festival (without their camera!) and got to hang out with Linda, Matt, Alex, Andy and Ellie!    Today we did get to head out to the pumpkin farm!  We had a few great rounds of pumpkin bowling.

We wandered around the sunny fields looking for the perfect pumpkin (or gourd of any kind).

 I had a hard time choosing.  The rule of as much as you can carry was tempting...

 but we ended up with a small crowd of perfectly cute pumpkins.

 Rassmussen also does a wacky gourd-themed show, this years theme was fairy-tales.

 we took a nice detour on the way home up to the vista house, since it was such a beautiful day.  You could see from the dam down to the 205 bridge.

 After a lovely afternoon exploring the Gorge, we let our quickly growing chicks out for some play-time
Hello fall!  Also happy 70th birthday Grandpa Steves!!!   We wish we could celebrate with you in person but send you our very best!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Home Alone with Dad

Mom went away out of town to a wedding this weekend and left us home with Dad.   On Friday, Owen had the day off from school and Dad took us up to Trillium Lake near Mount Hood to do some fishing.

 Well, we fished but we didn't catch anything.    We did get to see a few other people catch a fish or two, but it was pretty slow over all.  However, for October the weather was fantastic, barely a cloud in the sky and fairly warm.

On Saturday Owen did a bit of cooking for the family.  Here he is making a berry crisp in the morning so that we could have dessert.

Unlike Friday which had great weather, it rained quite a bit on Saturday.  At some point we needed to get out of the house so Dad took us to the new Cabela's store.   It's pretty big with lots of stuffed animals.  Well, not stuffed like Mr. Bunny, rather real animals stuffed.  They also had a bit fish tank and that is were Dad took the only photo of us on that outing.   Owen was pretty excited by the archery area, Dad of course like the fishing stuff.   As for me, I found out that they make and sell fudge in the Cafe.

When we got back home Owen and I spent a bit time making a large diarama of stuffed animals like that had at the store.

Did I mention that Owen was in charge of dinner on Saturday night?  We had spaghetti and meat balls and Owen let me help by dredging the meatballs in flour.

The spaghetti and meatballs came out great.

So did the berry crisp.

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Changing seasons

 So the chicks and I are getting along famously.  They are attached to each-other, I love it when I pick up Jo-Jo (black chick) and then Sparkles, who is a lot harder to catch will fly right at me and inevitably land on my chest.  It's quite the trick.
 Grandma Terri came out for a visit, it was so wonderful to see her, it had been a little too long and we were happy to spend some time with her.  She actually has already made both of us our costumes for Halloween, and they are surpurb, although you may have to wait for the reveal. Grandma started her visit at my WuShu practice and she thinks I have improved greatly! I do love it when people watch me,, I think its motivational.  Grace was excited to have her see her ballet practice.  It was extra special because the little kids got to go in to see the big kids go on pointe for the first time, it looks pretty tough!  After practice she spent some time getting extra energy out with her classmates running up and down the walk.
 While Mom and Grace got to hang out with Grandma while I was in school, they did all sorts of errands (fabric store visit) that cumulated in G's first visit to the nail salon.  Both she and Mom got awesome blue manicures, and Grace got special flowers on hers too.
We all rounded up a big day together  with yummy dinner at Son of a Biscuit,
 a new and delish fried chicken place.  Grace did fantastically well with the fried chicken, I devoured their giant biscuits.
We love it when Grandma comes to play
 She is great with all of our craft projects, baking and basically spoiling us for a few days.
 On Saturday, we went out for my birthday present from Joaquin, an archery lesson at trackers.
 It was pretty awesome!  We got to shoot for over an hour (could have been longer, but it is tough!)

 Mom was pretty proud of taking down the death star.
While Val took out a storm-trooper.  Joaquin and I also scored some awesome hits against the empire.
 Grace and Esme had a fun time playing at home while we were out.  G was inspired by her manicure and gave pretend manicures ... to Grandma, and every stuffed animal and doll that I have!  Val and Mom got one too when they got home!
 Grandma left Sat afternoon, and we have had a busy-ish day today... Dad took down his massive hop plants and brewed a fresh-hop IPA.  After running errands, and getting our chicks a bigger temporary coop, Mom took G and me to the Greek Festival where we noshed on loukomades (honey soaked fried balls of dough), picked up some amazing pasteries
 and watched some traditional dancing.  We do love the greek fest!