Sunday, October 19, 2014


So we are a little bit behind most folks but hit a few fall highlights this weekend.  Dad and I went to a Salmon fishing tourney... maybe a bit early for salmon.

We didn't catch any, not many did,
but had a beautiful day out on the water, plus I did catch a small bull gill and had a great day together.  Mom and Grace spent most of the day at the apple festival (without their camera!) and got to hang out with Linda, Matt, Alex, Andy and Ellie!    Today we did get to head out to the pumpkin farm!  We had a few great rounds of pumpkin bowling.

We wandered around the sunny fields looking for the perfect pumpkin (or gourd of any kind).

 I had a hard time choosing.  The rule of as much as you can carry was tempting...

 but we ended up with a small crowd of perfectly cute pumpkins.

 Rassmussen also does a wacky gourd-themed show, this years theme was fairy-tales.

 we took a nice detour on the way home up to the vista house, since it was such a beautiful day.  You could see from the dam down to the 205 bridge.

 After a lovely afternoon exploring the Gorge, we let our quickly growing chicks out for some play-time
Hello fall!  Also happy 70th birthday Grandpa Steves!!!   We wish we could celebrate with you in person but send you our very best!

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