Sunday, October 12, 2014

Home Alone with Dad

Mom went away out of town to a wedding this weekend and left us home with Dad.   On Friday, Owen had the day off from school and Dad took us up to Trillium Lake near Mount Hood to do some fishing.

 Well, we fished but we didn't catch anything.    We did get to see a few other people catch a fish or two, but it was pretty slow over all.  However, for October the weather was fantastic, barely a cloud in the sky and fairly warm.

On Saturday Owen did a bit of cooking for the family.  Here he is making a berry crisp in the morning so that we could have dessert.

Unlike Friday which had great weather, it rained quite a bit on Saturday.  At some point we needed to get out of the house so Dad took us to the new Cabela's store.   It's pretty big with lots of stuffed animals.  Well, not stuffed like Mr. Bunny, rather real animals stuffed.  They also had a bit fish tank and that is were Dad took the only photo of us on that outing.   Owen was pretty excited by the archery area, Dad of course like the fishing stuff.   As for me, I found out that they make and sell fudge in the Cafe.

When we got back home Owen and I spent a bit time making a large diarama of stuffed animals like that had at the store.

Did I mention that Owen was in charge of dinner on Saturday night?  We had spaghetti and meat balls and Owen let me help by dredging the meatballs in flour.

The spaghetti and meatballs came out great.

So did the berry crisp.

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