Sunday, October 26, 2014

Two wheelin'

It's been a big weekend for me!  First-off on Friday, we got to try on our costumes for our winter recital.  Our class is "arabian" from the nutcracker

 we have some slinky outfits

 The parents were invited in so we could practice in our costumes for them.
 we did beautifully!
 Friday was also the Harvest Festival at Owen's school.  We had a fantastic time with the bouncy house, haunted house, crafts, and fun with all of the kids who dressed up!  Owen and I debuted our costumes (but the folks forgot the camera) and they were pretty amazing!  Thank you Grandma Terri for making them for us!  I know it was a tall order, but you totally came through.
 Saturday, Owen got to have a big play-date at wonderland with Aiden, so Dad took me to the park to practice two-wheeling.  I have been reluctant to give up my training wheels and they have been on and off my bike for the past several months.  Finally, I finally got it!!!
 Dad just had to explain it just-right, and I had to be totally ready and everything clicked and off I sped!
 I still need a boost getting started and braking isn't exactly happening yet, but I am totally excited to be zooming like the big kids!
 We celebrated with an Ice-cream with a special "unicone" with sprinkles.
 Today we got our costumes on again (In case you don't know about our favorite cartoon...I"m Katara, a water-bender and Owen is Aang.. the Avatar:  the last airbender).  Owen went all-in and shaved his head for the part, luckily he has quite a nice head.
 Like I mentioned, Grandma Terri wasn't exactly familiar with the cartoon, but she did some great research and came up with perfect costumes!  We joined our pals for a much beloved pumpkin-carving party together at Val, Ray, Joaquin and Esme's house!  Everyone did great pumpkins.  Most of the kids even carved their own this year!

 Plus we got to play with our friends and the Grown-ups, whom many started out in the same office and are now all spread throughout town, got to catch-up a little bit.
 There was a bit of chaos and noise, but mostly a lot of fun, good food and great friends!

 aaaand of course our annual pumpkin picture!
 You would think it would be easier to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time as we get older, but it is much the same... :)
 Awesome kiddos and awesome pumpkins!

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