Sunday, November 30, 2014

Grateful for family

Happy Thanksgiving dear ones!  We spent this Thanksgiving trying out something new... Newport!  
 Grandma and Grandpa found a great place right on the beach ... with a pool.
 The weather turned out to be a lot of side-ways rain and really ripping cold wind, so the warm pool was exceptionally awesome and enjoyed every day!  Uncle Ryan flew into Portland and came out with us.  We were so excited to see him!  I don't think Grace stopped talking the entire drive!  We met up with Grandma Terri, Grandpa Tom and Zoe and settled right in.  The thanksgiving meal was as easy as walking next door to the delicious George's restaurant.  
 Where we all enjoyed our Thanksgiving feast!

 I don't think we were hungry from that moment on out for the rest of the weekend.  Well, except Grace who is always hungry (except during meals).  Because the weather kept us mostly inside, we started to get creative... Grace gave Grandma a pedicure.  Alas no one else lined up to let her do their nails after that.
 We played a lot of games, Chess, a really ridiculously long game of Parchessi, and Yikers.
 and watched a few movies... and watched Dad's new beard grow.
 at least we had a beautiful view of the stormy beach!
 Friday we headed out to the Aquarium!

We had a fantastic day exploring all of the exhibits.  Grace LOVED the fish shop... it was our first stop and we were a little afraid she would never leave.  You get to catch the fish, put them on a conveyor belt, bring them into the shop, weigh and sell them to folks.  

 There are a bunch of amazing critters there too!  Including a giant Japanese spider crab (The ones there are just juveniles, but they can get as big as above!)

 Grace was most excited about the octopus and the sea otters, but I could have stayed all day at the touch-tank.  We watched a hermit crab battle, one evicted the other from its shell, then the shelless guy got grabbed by a sculpin and just escaped... the drama!
 Nothing like 2 min in a hurricane tube... of course the outside wind came with rain for a much more realistic experience!

 I also loved the tunnel aquaria and dream of installing on in the house.

 Grace remains in love with this jelly that Grandpa got her... we call her sparkles (yes, like the chicken)
 The next day, Grace, Uncle Ry, Dad and I hit the pool again while Mom and Grandma went out to explore some of the local glass museums.  Mom ended up taking an awesome Glass blowing class and coming home with a beautiful teal blue float!
 She thought it was amazing!  We all get to appreciate it in our kitchen window!

 So this is quite the cool thing in the area, turns out artists hide floats and other glass treats along the beach for visitors to find.
 We braved one more walk on the beach (it stopped raining!!  So exciting) and both Grace and I found glass treasures!  It was so amazingly cool, I loved it and am convinced that we have to come back to these beaches every time!
 It was totally worth the wind!
 I made a very thorough search to ensure that there were no other glass treasures to be found.
 We wrapped up our wonderful Thanksgiving visit with breakfast that included big hot chocolates, before heading home.  We had a nice rest of the afternoon with Uncle Ryan before sending him back home that evening.
 Today, we decided to get a jump on the Christmas season, so after church, we headed to our favorite... Mt Hood Tree farm to enjoy the freezing but crystal clear day (see, a perfect view of Mt hood, in the background, but you could also see Mt St Helens and Mt Adams pretty well!

 We are usually pretty loyal to the Noble Fir, but upon the trusty advice from the owner we branched (ha) out to try a Nordman Fir this year... this is one sturdy tree!
 Timber!  Dad let me help cut it down this year.  They were super busy too, so we just helped Dad carry it back to get measured.
 We got it home, and cranked the Christmas music an put up the decorations.

 and Grace's favorite part, I think was pulling out all of our Christmas books and digging into them in the glow of the Christmas lights.
Happy Holidays all, wishing you the very best of the season ahead, may it be filled with joy, family, friends and fun.

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Happy holidays! Love the scenes of Newport.