Sunday, November 02, 2014

Master of all four elements

Happy Halloween folks!   I had a long week off... and got to play at Dad and Mom's work, but also had our parent-teacher conference to glowing comments from Mr A.  
 In other big news, Grace's daycare is closing its doors. We suspect that the owner of the building is looking to sell it, plus there has been a lot of construction all around them making it a little worrisome. They had loads of parties, including a costume party this week.  
 She initially was pretty stoked to be moving to the new school that we visited a few weeks ago, and really liked, but as the day grew closer, she is more tentative.  I think she will miss her friends.  The good news is that (1) it looks like a great place and (2) her dearest teachers are both also moving to the place, and one of them will be her teacher there too!
 It's a bit nostalgic to say farewell to the place I have been since I was two and Grace was an infant!  However, we are looking forward to new adventures!  In addition to a vacation, we had some great visitors!  Mom and Linda's old college roomie Karen and her hubby Matt came up for a visit!
 We got Linda's crew over and Andy and I wore matching shirts (that I designed!).  We had a great chili dinner and lots of fun around the house catching-up.
 Grace had the most fun hanging out with Ellie.
 while the grown-ups had a great time catching up!

 Mom got to go out with Karen and Matt the next night too after they returned from their great trip around the gorge and up Mt Hood.  They had a great dinner out at American Local and Ice cream at Salt-n-Straw.
 Friday both Grace and I were still off so we arranged to hang out with Liam and Vanessa again at the bouldering gym.  This time, we planned to meet up with Esme and Joaquin and also ran into Kit and crew as well as other friends from woodstock.
 I loved it!
and although Grace much preferred slack-lining and playing queen of the castle, she did get a few routes in pretty well.  I spent a lot of my time on the walls.

 and even made it to the top of some pretty challenging routes!
 We followed up with a lunch at the Carts with Liam and friends...
 everything was awesome but we were pretty beat.  Surprisingly, neither of us napped, I think anticipation of trick-or treating thwarted Mom's best efforts.  I has Wushu that afternoon, but we dressed out there and made it back into town for main-street trick-or-treating.

 followed by dinner (and lolly pops) at laughing planet.
 and, of course real trick-or-treating around the neighborhood!

It was a great halloween!  We came home with much more candy than two kids should have in their posession.  

Saturday, we decided we needed to walk off some of the sugar around Reed Canyon.

 Grace wore the jacket that Grandma made for her!
 and I lead the mushroom hunt.  There were so many I was getting a little faint with the excitement.
 Grace even got in on the action and did a great job spotting some well hidden fungi.
 In addition to all of the amazing mushrooms, we also enjoyed some fall color.  It seems like it was a little late this year, but it has finally popped out all around us!  The cooler temperatures are giving us some wardrobe problems.  I refuse to give up on my shorts and t-shirts regardless of the outside temperatures, and Grace is not accustomed to having much on her legs... suddenly her tights are all too loose and her pants are too tight... no legware is comfortable except for two pairs of leggings.
Today was much more mellow.  Dad went out fishing and we mostly hung around home  playing games, cleaning up, enjoying crepes. To spark things up, our friends Joaquin Esme and Val joined us for dinner and play time together.  Thanks friends... it was just what we needed!

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