Sunday, November 09, 2014


 It has been a quiet and sweet weekend.  I got to go into work with Dad (which means PIZZA lunch!), and spend the afternoon with Mom.  We stopped at Grand central... I was adamant, the one on Hawthorne (where I read my superman book months ago) is the only place to be... even though there is a new one on our own turf of woodstock, I have not yet braved the transition.
 Saturday was dedicated to cleaning up the back-yard.  Mom is laid up with a bad sprained ankle, though she got a nice boot from the Dr. so she can get around okay.  Mostly it was Dad and Owen breaking down tree limbs, raking up leaves and trimming back the raspberries. Owen did a great job saving all of the great branches for all sorts of useful things, like a new flagpole....
 In the afternoon we got away from the house for a bit and headed to the park.  Ostensibly for me to practice bike riding, but I was much more interested in the play structures (though did get some biking in).  I should mention that this was my first week at my new daycare, and the transition has been relatively smooth.  On the big plus side of it... I am doing really really well at my new school.  Daniel says it is a really good fit and I seem very happy, particularly because they have swings... and a lot of nice kids!  On the other hand, I am having a harder time being on my own... anywhere, any time.  It's making everyone's sleeping a bit tough, and I now need an escort to my own room.  Owen blames himself for filling my head with monsters he says.
 Owen was also thrilled to discover water biking!
 Today, we let Mom hang out at home and catch up on her creative endeavors as we went off to Tillamok forest to see the visitor center and go on a mushroom hunt.
 we did well and found lots of great mushrooms throughout the forest.
 To keep me motivated, the guys even gave me the important job of collecting our finest specimens for later identification, pictures and to show Mom.

 It was great to get outside, and Mom got a chance to put one more batch of soap together before the holidays.

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