Sunday, November 23, 2014

the calm

The calm and the storm.  It has been a fairly wet week with a good strorm system coming through.  No snow days though!  We had a full week at school and it feels like a deep inhale of fall before we plunge into the holidays.  No grand excursions this weekend, though we did have a great play-date with our friends.  
 That, of course, included dress up... water bender style (we are pretty sure Elsa is another water bender)

 and there were games, and there were crafts.  Owen spent much of the rest of the weekend building various installations around the house and catching up on his reading.
 while I played a lot with Dad, Mom and anyone else who would watch me practice ballet.  We learned about Coppilia in class this week and I love dancing like a doll!
We wish you all a relaxing and fun filled Thanksgiving!  Enjoy!

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