Sunday, December 07, 2014

Making progress

I know we just saw Grandpa Tom last week, but he made another trip up to the great Northwest to visit us again this weekend.  So exciting really! We managed to pack the weekend full, maybe a little too full, but it was all fun stuff.  Friday, after we picked Grandpa up, he joined us for Nacho night at home and a movie.  Saturday morning, we headed over to get a lesson in how to make lefse from the expert herself.... Ms. Durham!  
 It was a lucky coincidence that Grandpa was here for this lesson as well, because he and Great Grandma Jean introduced Mom to lefse when she was a kid.  We have tried a few times to make it ourselves, but never terribly successfully.  Well, now we know the tricks and secrets!
 Ms. D. is the expert in no small part because she makes hundreds of lefse every year for the Sons of Norway.  she tapped into her teacher skills and had rollers, bowls, griddles, spatulas for everyone!

 Everyone got into it... they even got me to roll... one.  Mostly I was interested in serving up pretend coffee and tea to everyone.
 In addition to our family, we were joined by Mrs. M who is always such a great friend!  She made some particularly great lefse!

 Owen did a fantastic job rolling and cooking, well, the whole process really.  I excelled at eating them until I "just can't handle it"  and I did love them!  We all ate... maybe too many.
 Later that afternoon we watched Owen (and a lot of other kids!) test for their next belt in wushu.
 It was a long test and Owen did great!  He was a little nervous and had to wait a long time to get his turn.
 but he went up from blue to blue-gold.
 He has a lot to be proud of... he had to work very hard to learn a new weapon and a new form!

 To celebrate we finished up by watching the performance team show off a lot of cool weapons and a great lion dance that even I enjoyed (the first one ever!).  I declared that I wanted to be inside the lion as a dancer than to watch them.   We wrapped up a very long and exciting day with pizza at hotlips.

Today was a little bit more mellow.  We started out with lego mania in the living room, then we went to church in the morning and Owen and I got to light the candles for advent 

Owen and Dad stayed for a potluck, and Grandpa, Mom and I went and grabbed a really yummy burger at Dicks Kitchen and did some looking around town. We are so lucky to have such an amazing brother who completed a new belt, a wonderful Grandpa who came up to visit (again!!), and great friends who dedicated their morning to getting us in touch with our Norwegian side.

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Rebecca Jackson said...

So fun! I want to learn all your Lefse tricks.