Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Making

Though this week was filled with a bit of the holiday frantic rushing around, we definitely made some time for merry making.  
 Mom was going to just give up on cookies this year, but in a burst of helpfulness, Dad, Owen and I pulled together these fantastic gingerbread cookies.
 and after delivering them to our neighbors, promptly ate the rest all up... there may be two left, but shhhh.  I have caught a little bit of the holiday making things fever, at least am very much into cutting up paper and decorated our windows with beautiful snowflakes... plus I made some fantastic moth antennae that I wore for much of Friday.
 That is, ,I wore them until we had to get ready for the nutcracker!  Mom and I got a lovely ladies night out with Val and Esme.  We got all dressed up and were feeling the dancing in our souls.
 It was a great performance... a perfect mix of stagestruck kids and lovely dancers (sometimes simultaneously).
It really really got our dancing juices going and we did an impromptu ballet during intermission, and continued our performance... complete with lifts, jetes, the works.... all through dinner afterwards at Little big burger.
 Today though... today I performed in my first nutcracker sweet suites.  We, as mentioned earlier, are the Arabian coffee dance.
 we were amazing!  Ours was a small class, which meant that we got to do more individual dancing on stage!  We were slinky and snakelike and so smooth and brave!
 Lead by our fearless helper Ruby who even gave us a special treat of lipbalm and a cute kitty pouch. We were getting warmed up backstage before our big performance!

 My whole team was very brave and did fantastically!

We followed up our big performance with lunch at hotlips... dinner at little big burger and lunch at hotlips... I was in food bliss.
Pshew!  What a day!  I do love dancing so much!

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Matthew Bracken said...

Well done, Grace!