Sunday, December 14, 2014

The trimmings

Ooo...  it's getting closer and closer!  This weekend is has been full of christmas cheer.  Grace and I finally got our letters to Santa together.  
 We sent them to the North Pole this year, hopefully the big guy gets them.
 Saturday morning, we met with our friends at Bob's for breakfast, stocking up a bit, and some running around
 Thankfully the grown-ups realized that although it works for them, that "breakfast" where you have to sit down for a while doesn't exactly constitute a play-date, so we go to play some more back at our place before Grace's ballet practice.
 It was pretty fun to watch Grace get all ready for her performance next week.  They had a full rehearsal in teh studio which was great!  Plus Mom and I got to run out for hot cocoa and get some supplies for making gifts.
 When we got back from practice, we biked and did some front-yard work, and our neighbor reminded us that Santa was in woodstock and there was a tree-lighting to attend.  Santa got us motivated to get downtown quickly, but Grace quickly "got shy" and I started up with my hefty (almost 9 year old) skepticism, but we were in line already, and the big guy was really nice with us, he even told Grace that she didn't need to talk to him (or look directly at him), that she just needed to think of her Christmas wishes and joy and that would be good enough.
 The lighting was pretty great!  There was firefighters, Ottos' hotdogs, hot cocoa and pasteries... and of course crafts!  We all got to make decorations that the firefighters would put on the tree!

 After they lit the whole tree up, we all sang and danced to christmas carols and enjoyed visiting with all of the neighbors.
 After we headed home to snack our way through dinner, I got to try out some candle making.
 We dipped a bunch of candles in beeswax to make some pretty great, if not a little bit lumpy tapers.
 It sure was fun.  Grace tried one, but doesn't quite have the patience for dipping the same wick over and over again.

 So yesterday we got to help decorate the Woodstock community tree, and today we got to help with our Church's tree!  Actually, to back up a touch, we did the Christmas Pagent today.  I was a really great narrator with just the perfect volume and pace (and did great with all the tough words like Caesar Augustus, and Nazareth, and the idea that I really wanted to call "Joseph"  "Jonathan").  Grace was a wonderful and very sparkly angel.  It went beautifully!
Merry Merry everyone, I hope your Christmas season is as full with community and fun!

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