Sunday, December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Twas the night before Christmas my sister and I snuggled in bed for Santa would come soon as we slept in our bed.As soon as we slept saint Nicholas came threw  the chimney and game us are presents and then he left saying Ho Ho Ho merry Christmas to all and all a good night!!!

By,Owen Steves

So it is the week of Christmas and it has been wonderfully filled with family and fun.  I think we can let the pictures speak mostly for themselves, but we have had a lovely visit with Grandma and Grandpa and loved seeing all of our family.
 Grace cooking with Grandma
 her new dress that Grandma made for her, it is beautiful, and so comfortable to wear!
 we love playing with blocks!
Chaffee Zoo lights

 Grace finally made it to visit with Santa, she did great.

 We also got time to see the new Star Wars and it was so awesome, everyone but Grandpa (who was working) got to go and it was great!  Uncle Ryan remembered his old Millennium Falcon that we got out for a bit, but the grown-ups were much more interested than we were.

 Of course, the traditional gingerbread house decorating for Auntie Donna
 Turned out pretty great this year.
 The dogs are so cuddly.
 On Christmas Eve Grace lost a new tooth... this is the before,
 Grandpa got a good grip...
 and afterwards, Grace was missing even more teeth!
 Christmas eve is a great day and fun time to spend at Auntie Donna and Uncle John's house.

 I was pretty happy to take a nice family picture

 Auntie Donna actually just adds to our gingerbread house ... subdivision each year.

 Christmas morning we woke early (and waited patiently until at least 6:30), Grace got her party dress back on, and we got to open presents!

 That afternoon we headed down to Tulare to visit with Great-Grandma Mary.  Grace got down to business and made certain Great-Grandma's manicure was done.


 Grace had a blast playing with Kye as they ran all around Great Grandma;s house

 G'auntie Geralyne's famous stripped jello

 Studying G-Grandma's photo albums

 an extensive settler's of catan game
 we have had a relatively quiet few days winding down from a very exciting Christmas, including a visit to the new Africa wing of the zoo (yep, we had to see the animals as well as the lights!)

 It is a pretty impressive section, the mixed animal enclosures are fun, we got a good view of the cheetahs, got to feed a giraffe and saw a lioness up close!