Sunday, January 11, 2015


It was my birthday week and we got to celebrate several times!  Nine is going to be pretty great, I can already tell!  I'm pretty excited to be getting older... this last year before double digits is pretty exciting. 
 I got to open all sorts of cool gifts (and got started right away with the biggest spriograph kit ever from uncle Ry!  After school I picked a dinner out at Little Big Burger with a root-beer float!  

followed by a very chocolatey cake with whipped cream frosting!   
 and a few more gifts to open!  Thank you Tulare Gongs for the coolest book ever!  Mom and Dad played "name that sound from Star Wars" all evening long (and thanks for thinking of Grace too!... She was so excited to beef up her frozen collection!).

 For my birthday I wanted to go camping again!  So we invited my besties Aiden and Joaquin and a lot of other great friends to join us for a camping trip out to Fort Stevens (where they have some awesome deluxe cabins... heat and bathrooms in the winter is awesome).
 We started out at the Shipwreck beach, where A. and I rolled down those dunes repeatedly!
 It was a sandy wet blast!

When we checked in we met up with our pals and went on some good adventures in the trails around the cabins.
 Dinner was Pizza (really, this hardly counted as camping) with everyone at Fort George brewery... they were great for their yummy food, biiiggg tables and kid friendly entertainment supplies.
 Our friends shared my second cake back at teh campsite.

 It is impressive how many kids can fit in the much beloved top bunk!
 we spent a lot of the evening (and next morning playing all sorts of games in the cabins.
 The weather actually was pretty fair... a bit of drizzle but not that cold so we also got to spent a lot of time around the campfire... for smores... for breakfast!

 and we were in a cul-de-sac so there was some room to play soccer (and try to get Dad to play too!)
 A. and I stayed up WAAY too late and then woke super early.  Since we had to share, we chose the (smaller) top bunk (because it is totally the coolest), which also meant we didn't sleep super well.  It was all too exciting.  We had a mellower morning (probably 'cause we were a little sleepy) and it was hard to leave.
 Promise of a last visit to the beach finally got us moving.
The tide was a little lower so we actually got to explore the wreck a bit more... and pretend we were pirates!
 And spend a bit more time running up and down the dunes.

Although it was a noisy and boisterous car ride out to camp... the ride home was chillin' and quiet.  Pshew!  I am so grateful for everyone who was able to come  out and enjoy Fort Stevens with us, it was a super awesome treat and we really enjoyed spending time together!  Thank you also for all of the great birthday wishes!


Christina said...

Oh man, those pictures make us miss you guys and the lovely west coast. Happy Birthday Owen, what a fun way to celebrate! xo PS: sweet beard, Brian. :)

Amy said...

Christina, We miss you too!