Sunday, January 18, 2015


 It is a long weekend, and we were supposed to have made some exciting plans to execute, but instead we are having a quiet-ish time playing "find that smell" in the garage... we are half way through and no joy yet... though it seems to be not quite as strong.  We have spent some time teaching Scooter some tricks, like how to train us to put broth on his food for every meal.
He is getting better at listening to Owen and Me, but he still doesn't think this trick is as amazing as we do.  He's a good boy, he'll take a treat off of my chest, but will not even think about touching one any closer to my face... whether for his own sake or hers, I"m not sure, but we think it he is wildly talented.
 We did get to celebrate Henry's birthday party and had a fun lego themed event!  We got some cool iron-ons, but now I'm waiting for Mom to sew me a lego bag so I can iron it on that.
 Plus we got to play legos all afternoon... so perfect!
 Some took a break for a musical interlude... not just Happy birthday but a full band!
Happy Birthday Bud!  Thanks for the super fun party and we wish you a wonderful year!
 but like I said, a fair bit of hanging out at home... in our newly recovered Kitchen chairs we just got back.
 they look sooo much better!  Now we can invite people over for dinner again!  Yay!
we got a few sunbreaks in today so Mom went out to hang with Val for a bit and Dad tried to work on my bike... it has pedal breaks... so who needs front hand brakes anyhow?  It is a big step up sizewise and I'm not very comfortable on it yet, but with a few more dry days and I think I"ll get the hang of it.  We had an unplanned but great dinner with T. and family at laughing planet, which made for a great evening and some fun time playing dinosaur Jenga with friends.

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