Sunday, January 25, 2015

Walkin' on sunshine!

So it has been uncommonly warm with beautiful blue skies, mixed up with a few rain storms.  However we have been taking good advantage and walking all over the neighborhood. 
And working a bit on the yard as well... I can't say it looks particularly neat right now, but there are some new projects in the works!
 Dad and I are working on a bog garden... yep, wet, carnivorous plants.. we have high hopes.
 On the colder evenings we have been giving the spirograph kit that Uncle Ryan gave me a good workout.
 Dad has made some amazing food, a bit off of his normal weekly repertoire... pallela, tuna loin... Grace has filled in where she misses out on "new" food with some sardines.  Pallela, tapas... sardines make good tapas... She wasn't too far off the mark.
 We finished up a weekend around the neighborhood with some good time at the playground.  G is really great at the monkey bars these days.
 I am great at using the monkey bars in new and inventive ways.  We also hit Cloud City, for the first time in months!  Oh ice-cream we have missed you circus friends, waffles v. wafers, and spicy chocolate.

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