Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy year of the goat!

Gung Hay Fat Choy friends and family!  To welcome the year of the goat, we peeked out of some self imposed (lingering coughs mostly to blame) social isolation and embraced our friends, outside playing and sunshine!
 Dad and I had President's day off, so while Mom and Grace were work/schooling, we found a lake and did some fishing!  It was too windy to get the kayaks out, but we had a beautiful day outside.

Grace, of course continues to have a blast with ballet.  Saturday morning, we got a big crowd together for Dim Sum at Ocean city.  It was our first try there and it was pretty good.  The fun crew made it fantastic!
 Honestly, it was a bit of a slow start to the lunar new year for us as it came midweek and we were distracted, but sealing the whole thing with our buds was the perfect intention for the year!

 friends... and loads of food of course.
Esme went home with Grace and I got to go home with Joaquin for the afternoon.  J and I played basketball against Ray, and I was totally impressed with his basketball skills!  I am really growing to love basketball.  Grace and Esme played a lot of dress-up, did some art projects.... more marbling.

 we even got to enjoy tea outside ... with bubbles!
 Grace finally got to riding on her own on her new, much bigger and better fitting bike!  She still needs to work on starting (so Mom and Dad don't have to just sit on either side of the block as she goes back and forth), but the riding is perfect!
 We are also appreciating the signs of spring around the corner.
 and more basketball at the house.
 I'm getting better and better with practice.  The daphne are blooming in front of our house and it smells wonderful!

Sometimes, in spite of the sunshine, I am not entirely ready to give up hanging out inside (also in spite of Mom repeatedly making me go outside!  Luckily she is appeased if I am at least reading a book). 

 and finally, we went to our first Timbers game tonight with Vanessa, Dave and Liam.  It was pretty good, except we did lose, it was not a high scoring game...though it definitely had some good moments.
 Plus, it was pretty cool to be in the stadium with the Timbers Army.

 and, of course some popcorn and friends.  G and L made it to the very top of the bleachers a few times which they thought was so much fun.  G. wants to know how many more games she can go to.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

You're Amazing!

It was a surprisingly busy week for us.  I think valentines day just added a new level of fun for the week.  To kick things off though, we went to Owen's school's Math Night (which was the same night at the school Pizza night, so we thought it was awesome!)
 We finally got to see the awesome mural that Michelle is painting in their play-court.  It is going to look awesome, and if you peek through the doorway from the hall (through the gym into the playcourt) it looks like you are looking outside into a forest!
 There were lots of fun math-night activities to enjoy.  Dad and I sat down at the Kindergarten table, while Owen bounced all around trying to see as many friends as possible before finally settling down for a game of Chess with Maddy, right before they closed the activities down.  He won!

The next night was my first Kindergarten round-up, I am trying to get into Owen's school, but we thought we should check out the neighborhood ones too just in case.  Of course, Mom didn't take any pictures there, but she did come from a lab-Karaoke event... where she did bother to take a bunch of fun looking pictures.
 We finished up or Valentines.  I used my Frozen set that Uncle Andy sent me plus a bunch of bubbles, while Owen went for the marbled paper that we have been making with a cool maze for kids to work on.
 They turned out pretty well!  There were a few (okay dozens... way to overestimate Mom) of extra bubble wands so I have been spending as much time as I can using them outside.  I am not sure bubbles ever will get old.

 We have had several awesome marbling sessions.  They are so much fun and make such beautiful prints.  I am the queen of the swirliest prints.  Mom always starts to think it's too much and then voila... they are the most awesome!
 We started our coreography for our spring performance... "birds of a feather" and we are the starlings.
 It is a relatively tough dance for us.... lots of new moves, but we have picked them up quickly!

 We had a quiet valentines day... but it was still pretty special.  Fun designer pancakes, by Daddy, Owen and even myself!
Our favorite valentine orchestrated them all first thing in the morning!  

 In the afternoon, we let Daddy get a start on a yummy dinner, while the rest of us headed to the park.
 We had a great time until an overenthuiastic teeter-totter session ended in tears as I bonked my chin on the board.
 Today, another beautiful day filled with lots of bike rides, and playing some of the games we got for Valentines day. The whole family is starting to really enjoy board games again, even I do, though my attention span is shorter... the way it has typically gone is that first I move waay ahead and then get bored due to the lack of competition from my family and then I sort of wander off... and still win somehow.  Today we also made another batch of sausage.  They turned out delicious after much trial and error... the lesson learned was this:  read the directions always, even if you have done this all before, it was probably once, and you probably read the directions then too.  It will save lots of heartache.

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Climbing to the top

 On Friday, Dad helped Grace build a puppet theater and she spent the morning producing a variety of plays for Dad until he had to go to work and then Mom later on.

Dad had to work at the Sportsman's Show on Saturday promoting his kayak fishing stuff.   We managed to get out to our favorite breakfast place, Bob's Red Mill and have some pancakes. (see first photo of this post).  We also picked up some more peat moss for our new carnivorous plant bog.  We just planted a bunch of pitcher plant rhizomes this morning, but there really isn't much to show yet.  Hopefully we'll have a bunch of hungry pitcher plants ready to get lots of bugs this summer.

This morning after setting up the carnivorous plant bog, Dad and I worked on clearing some of the yard waste that's been accumulating this winter. I was lured out to help with the prospect of getting to use the hand saw to cut some limbs down to size to fit in our yard waste bin.

 Meanwhile, Grace was inside selling something to her dolls.  I'm really not sure what she was selling, usually it's cupcakes and cookies.  She really seems to enjoy using her toy cash register.

Mom had a lot of grading to do today, so in the afternoon while she was working on that Dad took us to the swimming pool.  But when we got to the swimming pool, there was a sign that read "Pool is Full" and there was a long line of people waiting for their turn to be allowed to get in to the pool as others left.   We decided not to wait around and headed over the rock climbing gym to do some bouldering (i.e. short climbs without ropes).

We've been to this climbing gym a few times and the kid's area is really fun because you get to come back down on the slide after to climb to the top of the little wall.  Grace did all of her climbing in the kid's area.  

I did some of my climbing with Grace, but when I had a chance I tried some new routes in the main area.  I did pretty well...

but sometimes I didn't quite make it and came back down the quick way. Good thing the walls aren't too high and floor is really soft.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Dancers and lions and gamers oh my

Yep, I totally rock our family game nights.  
 This week was our first week at the Barre in ballet.  It was so exciting, just like the big girls.
 We had so much fun, though had to promise not to go on our tippy toes (which I love to do) until we practice for many more years and get the fancy pointe shoes.
 So we will have to practice, but I loved it!

 So the past two Monopoly nights I have swept the floor with the family... yep total tycoon.  After I am far and away ahead I tend to get bored and let Daddy (who goes out first typically) finish up for me.
 We finally headed back to the zoo this weekend and saw a ton of animals enjoying the nice weather.
 We spent a lot of time hanging with the elephants and saying hi to Lilly, Samudra and Rose-tu.  Then we got to see the new(ish, they are already big) lion cubs out playing.

 They were so cute, crawling all over eachother, their parents,

 and lounging around.

 The cheetahs were roaming about showing off their long legs.
 and Owen and I got to show off our strides!

We love our zoo!
 It is also pleasantly close to Beard Papas... which Mom thought was a funny on Dad's beard.
 by the time I was done with my cream puff, I had a beard too!
 Today we mellowed out in the morning and watched the seahawks narrowly loose the superbowl.
 Though there was a lot of legos, games, dolls, teaparties, nail painting between the awesome Katy Perry half-time show and the big finish.

Dad made everyone fantastic tacos, the adults a yummy margarita, while everyone had a great evening catching up.