Sunday, February 08, 2015

Climbing to the top

 On Friday, Dad helped Grace build a puppet theater and she spent the morning producing a variety of plays for Dad until he had to go to work and then Mom later on.

Dad had to work at the Sportsman's Show on Saturday promoting his kayak fishing stuff.   We managed to get out to our favorite breakfast place, Bob's Red Mill and have some pancakes. (see first photo of this post).  We also picked up some more peat moss for our new carnivorous plant bog.  We just planted a bunch of pitcher plant rhizomes this morning, but there really isn't much to show yet.  Hopefully we'll have a bunch of hungry pitcher plants ready to get lots of bugs this summer.

This morning after setting up the carnivorous plant bog, Dad and I worked on clearing some of the yard waste that's been accumulating this winter. I was lured out to help with the prospect of getting to use the hand saw to cut some limbs down to size to fit in our yard waste bin.

 Meanwhile, Grace was inside selling something to her dolls.  I'm really not sure what she was selling, usually it's cupcakes and cookies.  She really seems to enjoy using her toy cash register.

Mom had a lot of grading to do today, so in the afternoon while she was working on that Dad took us to the swimming pool.  But when we got to the swimming pool, there was a sign that read "Pool is Full" and there was a long line of people waiting for their turn to be allowed to get in to the pool as others left.   We decided not to wait around and headed over the rock climbing gym to do some bouldering (i.e. short climbs without ropes).

We've been to this climbing gym a few times and the kid's area is really fun because you get to come back down on the slide after to climb to the top of the little wall.  Grace did all of her climbing in the kid's area.  

I did some of my climbing with Grace, but when I had a chance I tried some new routes in the main area.  I did pretty well...

but sometimes I didn't quite make it and came back down the quick way. Good thing the walls aren't too high and floor is really soft.

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