Sunday, February 01, 2015

Dancers and lions and gamers oh my

Yep, I totally rock our family game nights.  
 This week was our first week at the Barre in ballet.  It was so exciting, just like the big girls.
 We had so much fun, though had to promise not to go on our tippy toes (which I love to do) until we practice for many more years and get the fancy pointe shoes.
 So we will have to practice, but I loved it!

 So the past two Monopoly nights I have swept the floor with the family... yep total tycoon.  After I am far and away ahead I tend to get bored and let Daddy (who goes out first typically) finish up for me.
 We finally headed back to the zoo this weekend and saw a ton of animals enjoying the nice weather.
 We spent a lot of time hanging with the elephants and saying hi to Lilly, Samudra and Rose-tu.  Then we got to see the new(ish, they are already big) lion cubs out playing.

 They were so cute, crawling all over eachother, their parents,

 and lounging around.

 The cheetahs were roaming about showing off their long legs.
 and Owen and I got to show off our strides!

We love our zoo!
 It is also pleasantly close to Beard Papas... which Mom thought was a funny on Dad's beard.
 by the time I was done with my cream puff, I had a beard too!
 Today we mellowed out in the morning and watched the seahawks narrowly loose the superbowl.
 Though there was a lot of legos, games, dolls, teaparties, nail painting between the awesome Katy Perry half-time show and the big finish.

Dad made everyone fantastic tacos, the adults a yummy margarita, while everyone had a great evening catching up.

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