Sunday, February 15, 2015

You're Amazing!

It was a surprisingly busy week for us.  I think valentines day just added a new level of fun for the week.  To kick things off though, we went to Owen's school's Math Night (which was the same night at the school Pizza night, so we thought it was awesome!)
 We finally got to see the awesome mural that Michelle is painting in their play-court.  It is going to look awesome, and if you peek through the doorway from the hall (through the gym into the playcourt) it looks like you are looking outside into a forest!
 There were lots of fun math-night activities to enjoy.  Dad and I sat down at the Kindergarten table, while Owen bounced all around trying to see as many friends as possible before finally settling down for a game of Chess with Maddy, right before they closed the activities down.  He won!

The next night was my first Kindergarten round-up, I am trying to get into Owen's school, but we thought we should check out the neighborhood ones too just in case.  Of course, Mom didn't take any pictures there, but she did come from a lab-Karaoke event... where she did bother to take a bunch of fun looking pictures.
 We finished up or Valentines.  I used my Frozen set that Uncle Andy sent me plus a bunch of bubbles, while Owen went for the marbled paper that we have been making with a cool maze for kids to work on.
 They turned out pretty well!  There were a few (okay dozens... way to overestimate Mom) of extra bubble wands so I have been spending as much time as I can using them outside.  I am not sure bubbles ever will get old.

 We have had several awesome marbling sessions.  They are so much fun and make such beautiful prints.  I am the queen of the swirliest prints.  Mom always starts to think it's too much and then voila... they are the most awesome!
 We started our coreography for our spring performance... "birds of a feather" and we are the starlings.
 It is a relatively tough dance for us.... lots of new moves, but we have picked them up quickly!

 We had a quiet valentines day... but it was still pretty special.  Fun designer pancakes, by Daddy, Owen and even myself!
Our favorite valentine orchestrated them all first thing in the morning!  

 In the afternoon, we let Daddy get a start on a yummy dinner, while the rest of us headed to the park.
 We had a great time until an overenthuiastic teeter-totter session ended in tears as I bonked my chin on the board.
 Today, another beautiful day filled with lots of bike rides, and playing some of the games we got for Valentines day. The whole family is starting to really enjoy board games again, even I do, though my attention span is shorter... the way it has typically gone is that first I move waay ahead and then get bored due to the lack of competition from my family and then I sort of wander off... and still win somehow.  Today we also made another batch of sausage.  They turned out delicious after much trial and error... the lesson learned was this:  read the directions always, even if you have done this all before, it was probably once, and you probably read the directions then too.  It will save lots of heartache.

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