Sunday, March 08, 2015

Beautiful beautiful spring

Even if it is not technically spring, don't tell the trees, the sunshine, the Portlanders who are all out and about enjoying every beautiful moment this weekend.  We started things right... with breakfast with our buds. 
 We sort of revisited our first date at Genies about 7 years ago now, before the girls were born of course... We met the brenneis-lee clan at the Original Genies, and now we enjoyed breakfast (of extremely huge strawberry pancakes... split and still uncommonly large!) at Genies too.  Plus, of course a nice long play-date.
 Us guys went to the park to play basketball for a long time, while the gals did a lot of dress-up, of course, and enjoying the back-yard.
 and an all-ages fancy dress dance party as well!

 Grace was in-and-out but Esme cheerfully gave Mom her power-poses with her peace flag.

 doesn't everyone look nice all dressed up?  Afterwards, we tackled a few things around the house... Mom finally got us all motivated enough to go out to Tryon Creek State Park, and it was so much fun!  There was an Owl workshop going on so we got to dissect owl pellets.
 I think we both got rodents, mine had most of a skull, Grace's had a very delicate little rodent.
 Then G got her face painted like a rainbow owl before we went out on a nice hike
 She flew along hooooting for most of the hike, as queen of the owls it was her job to keep flying!
 I climbed up anything that was on the trail,

We saw a lot of birds on the trail, humming birds, something that sounded like a night heron, but couldn't really see it, a pair of woodpeckers, and the occasional rainbow owl.
 Even though G. and I gave the folks a hard time about leaving the house, we ended up having a really lovely visit and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  I guess sometimes the parents can be right afterall.

I spotted both a douglas squirrel and the first Trillium that we have seen this season!

 and even paused for a smile for Mom (this is much more challenging than you would think it should be)

 When we returned to the visitors center, the Audobon society had brought a great horned owl
 as well as a rescued spotted owl who was showing off his very flexible neck.  Grace and I love when we get to see predatory birds up close.  I think they may be our favorite as we always spent a lot of time with them.

 In keeping with the "getting outside" theme, Mom went to our neighbor Joe Spangler's art show at the Ford building, and had a nice time catching up with them after the winter hibernation.  Today, after church (and Yoga for Mom) Grace's school friend Esme came over and played for much of the afternoon.  They kept Mom kinda busy so she didn't get her camera out much, but it was loads of fun to have her play and yes, G's two besties are both named Esme.
After E. left, they walked down to dinner and ice-cream, really a pretty great way to wrap up a fun-filled weekend.  Dad and I went fishing and this time we actually caught 3 fish!  We had a great afternoon out together and even though I love getting on the water no matter what, I really love-it when we catch fish.


Val said...

Thanks for the fun morning - amazing that our Esme will happily pose for your photos when she barely tolerates my photography!

Amy said...

I know V.! Grace was glumming in most of the pictures, but Esme flashed her winning smile every time I turned around!