Sunday, March 29, 2015


Well, spring break is rounding up. Mom wanted to review her trip to NYC and we have to catch up on the week, so let's get going!

 (an obligatory farewell picture to the PDX airport carpet)
Mom's trip to NY was wonderful, and in an effort to not make this all about that trip... she has to whittle a hundred pictures down to a few so here they are...

 Bryan Moch. got married to Hannah and Mom was honored to be at their celebration.

 It was a lovely, snowy weekend on Long Island

 and she had a great time with Grandma and Grandpa. The wedding was beautiful and the whole Moch family was just wonderful.

 She also got a few days in Manhattan which was a treat.

  Lucky gal had a great lunch with cousins Sarah, Uncle Derek, Aunt Debbie, Kellen and Mason.

 Afterwards they went on a hunt and came home with 2 real NY Babkas for us to enjoy this week.
  The next day, after saying bye to Grandma and Grandpa she got to visit with Randall!
  The two had a lovely day exploring, eating and catching-up (for a quick 1-day visit to NYC, can't beat lunch at Joe Shangai's, Cannoli in Little Italy and dinner at Cafe Habana and a  wonderful friend to share it with).

Okay enough of Mom's trip.  While she was away, one of our big events was getting Dad's beard shaved for spring.  Now, it turns out Dad can grow a decent beard, that we both loved

... like really loved.  After he shaved I couldn't look at him for at least 24hours, but after I weathered the transition, we have to admit that he looks much younger, and Mom likes seeing his whole face again!

We didn't have huge plans over break, which really suited Owen and me.  We did have a lot of time to ride our bikes and scooters around the neighborhood.

We had a wonderful sleep-over with our pals!  Actually we started with the afternoon at the pool and best baguette and some good play time.  Later, Joaquin came over to our house and he and Owen got started on the Starwars series.

 They started with A new Hope and Empire Strikes back.  Mom and Dad are disagreeing about which to show next.  They also had several good games of King of Tokyo and a yummy pizza dinner and pancake breakfast.

 Esme and I did fantastically, we got to watch movies that our brothers would usually balk at (Strawberry shortcake!) and we both slept through the entire night.

Otherwise, this week... Owen spent three days at work with the folks, but we still managed to have some fun.  He had a play-date with Aiden at Wonderland and won all sorts of fun toys and got to hang out with his bud.  Mom and I hit Ottos at my request and had a beautiful afternoon out and about.   
 Including a few hours at the nature park in Westmoreland.  There are a ton of things to do, but my favorite it to hole-up in a fort and wait for kids to come by and play.  There were a bunch of big kids in the big fort area, which made me nervous, so I made a smaller one all for myself right across the way and happily made several park friends.

 Lots of outings with our Scooter gang.
 Dad made some really perfect Saturday morning pop-overs that turned out awesome!  Owen ate almost 5 of them.

 Saturday we hit the bouldering gym for a few hours.  I did much better than I had in past visits and actually did several much taller walls on my own.
 Owen also rocks the bouldering gym and was much better about doing actual routes and doing them pretty well!
 Of course, we spent a lot of time on the slack-line.  I'm convinced that Daddy must get the one that Uncle Ry got for me set up in our yard.
 Owen also did pretty great on the slack line and could make it half way across!

 Owen and Mom took today to take a nice long hike from Marquam Nature Park up to Council Crest.  They had a beautiful afternoon and a wonderful hike.
 there were loads of nice trillium blooming
 and a pretty impressive view from the crest.

 They finished up back at cloud city splitting a yummy sundae.
 Tonight we also enjoyed our first picnic dinner on the deck.  It was a great day for sunshine and dining outdoors!

Back to school for Owen and Mom tomorrow.  Happy Spring Term!

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