Sunday, March 01, 2015


It has been beautiful here for the end of February, flowers out, we are out and I am biking as often as possible.  Today I even got started on my own a few times and told Dad he could give that little ol' bike away (we have kept my small one so I could bike without an escort).  Grandma Terri and Grandpa Tom sent us some dinners through a company called blue apron.  Dad did the first one, and Owen and I tackled the second meal and made a yummy jambalaya.  
 Turns out, we are fantastic chefs!  Owen handled most of the chopping
 while I handled the hot-stuff.
 We also got Dad's design for New Years up and on some shirts.  We love our goat shirts!  Thanks Daddy!
 He finished them up in time for Owen's school's New Years celebration.  We arrived too late for the performance, but did get to enjoy all of the craft projects.
 Saturday, Dad and Owen went fishing (alas, not catching yet), while Mom and I met some friends at the Yard and Patio show.
 Me and the fellas had a great time looking for the trampoline (which they replaced with a cool pirate ship this year),

 and "Studying" all of the fire-pits that were in the demonstration gardens.
Fire study is serious stuff... lots of notes and pictures and studying them carefully.... After having a fairly patient walk around with the grown-ups we had a lovely afternoon playing at L's house before heading home to enjoy more sunshine.  Today was notable in that Owen and I played beautifully together almost all day!  Mostly playing on the deck, pulling out some compost for the garden, playing that the side yard was the deep ocean, biking, basketball, settlers of catan... a lovely day all in all.  

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