Monday, March 23, 2015

Home alone (with Dad)

This weekend Mom went to a wedding in New York.  That means we're stuck  we get to hang out with Dad all weekend.

While I was in school on Friday, Grace and Dad went to the lake to try and catch some trout. They only had one bite and didn't catch anything. There's some video from that trip, but it's just a lot of Dad paddling and Grace eating snacks.

We had a slow start to the day on Saturday, but eventually we made it out to the park next to my school.  Dad took his new video camera and recorded some clips.  A bit of editing magic and he came up with this fun video.

He says it wasn't hard and that "the app did all the work", whatever that means.  He also played around just taking some photos with the video camera.

On Sunday it rained alot. I think spring is making up for all the nice weather we had this winter. After church in the morning, we went to Uwajimaya (the Japanese market all the way out in Beaverton) to get some ingredients for making our own sushi rolls.

I did most of the rolling this time around.  Grace didn't seem interested and Dad was too busy taking photos of me doing all the work.   He didn't seem too busy when it came time to eating. We spent a few hours working on a jigsaw puzzle and playing various board games.

Mom comes home late on Monday night and we can't wait to have her back.

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James said...

We love the video! And thanks for sharing your mom with our mom for the day!
Love, James and Lilli