Sunday, March 15, 2015


To start off our exciting week... I lost my second tooth!  It was very loose, and Daddy actually almost pulled it out, until it stopped bleeding.   So I went to school with a dangly dent and it fell out at nap time.  I didn't even tell anyone but my best buddy and just kept it in my pocket until the folks picked me up!

 In our few sunny days, Owen helped me improve my mud-pie recipe.  I don't think they dried properly because it started raining properly again towards the end of the week.

 However, we did get to celebrate Joaquin's birthday!  They had it at the Sellwood rec center and it was awesome free play in the gym!  There were loads of kid cars, a few basketball games, soccer games, and I think both Owen and my favorite was dodge ball.
It was so much fun, once I got out I would hustle balls for my team.  

 We loved celebrating our dear friend... Happy birthday Joaquin!

 Esme came ready to play.  She was perfectly outfitted!
 And to round out a fantastic Pi day, we had crazy delicious pizza pie dinner
And Dad made this beautiful and yummy lemon meringue pie. 
 Today, we got to go out to see Timmy Failure, a cute play at the Children's Theater.  It was pretty great!
and a lovely way to spend Sunday.  We finished up with a nice dinner with T and family.

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