Sunday, April 19, 2015

Freddie Fungus and Alice Algae took a lichen to each other..

Mom was out of town this weekend at a lichen identification workshop.  While she was studying those organisms made of an algae and a fungus, I was starting to grow a new batch of fungus (oyster mushrooms) of my own for a school project.  I have to give a talk in front of the class in a few weeks and I've chosen mushroom growing as my topic.  Hopefully, I'll have mushrooms by then. 

On Saturday morning Mom headed off to her lichen workshop.  A few hours later we were on our way to the pool.

Going to the pools was actually Grace's idea this time.  Generally she's not a big fan of swimming, but I think she found her goggles and got excited to use them again.

The goggles do seem to still work. 

Scrubbing the shed was also Grace's idea and I have no idea what the inspiration was for that.  Dad and I played our kubb lawn game while Grace scrubbed away with a smile on her face.

After church on Sunday we grabbed a quick lunch at home and headed out to the Westmoreland park. That's the park with all the play structures made out of natural materials like logs, branches, and rocks.

We climbed log towers...

and climbed rock towers...

We even did a bit of crawling.

Dad didn't take any photos of them, but we saw some really cool remote controlled sailboats in the casting pond.   I think they were having sailboat races with them.  They really look like a lot of fun.

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Shane Harrison said...

I have said this to my middle school science students and the other day a student piped up "but I heard their relationship was rocky!" I about feel over :)