Sunday, April 12, 2015

Games with Grandma!

Grandma came to town this weekend and we were sure excited to have a visit with her!  She came in Thursday and picked me up early at my (new) daycare and I was so excited that I talked it up with everyone before she came in!  Friday, it was a good day to all visit together, but for some of it, we had to hang out downtown while Mom had a meeting.  

 but we did get some fun shopping in, a new dress for me to wear to Cousin Brittany's wedding in a few weeks and a new swimsuit that I can hardly wait to use! Thank you so much Grandma!
 Owen really ran Grandma through his current gaming obsession and we played maybe 10 games!  We learned rummy and Jacks, and got Grandma to also play Killer Bunnies, Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, War, Samurai, my own version of KB, and a game from my magazine, pick-up-sticks, and pshew, that is even a lot of games for us lately.  Owen puts up a tough front but was super excited to have Grandma over to play all ... yes all of his favorite games.
 In spite of the rainy forecast, on Saturday, we headed over to the Tulip farm to admire spring at it's colorful best.
 It was pretty fun!  There were wooden shoes to try on, flowers to admire (and run (carefully) through,
 and although it wasn't exactly balmy, it was lovely to walk around the fields and admire the blooms.

 The ones we got here years ago, are still doing beautifully in our front yard so we refrained from adding to our collection, but it was so fun to admire.

 Owen and I enjoyed a very bumpy cow-tour of the fields too!
 Leaving the folks to take some pictures together

and ham it up for the camera a little bit!
 until they brought us back.  I was pretty excited by the closest thing to a roller coaster that I have ever been on!
 Owen thought it was awesome too.  He promises he was being dramatic in this picture, not that he was this scared!

 Okay, maybe a group shot was asking too much towards the end of our visit.

 I think we do better in pairs!

 Back at home Grandma showed Owen one of her favorite games, Jacks, so he is perfecting his technique.
 Today we started with a nice breakfast out at Toast, followed by a trip to the zoo!  Me and Grandma posed as Bald Eagles!  Grandma is channeling the adult bald eagle with her snowy top, and I am a young'un with a brown head!
 We had a few great sightings today, the Cheetahs were sleeping right against the window, which was cool!  We saw the condors flying around, the whole lion pride sunning on the rocks, and Chimps on their play-structure outside.

 Overall a very nice morning at the zoo.
 Owen talked Grandma into one more game when we got home before she had to go back to Grandpa Tom.
 Grandma may have played enough games to last her at least until I see her again.  While Mom was dropping her off, Dad took us to the playground to play on the structure....
 I am getting so strong!!!
 and a (final game) game of Kubb.

Thank you for the fun-filled weekend Grandma!

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