Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!  We are lucky to have celebrated with our friends this weekend.
 Grace was pretty excited that it was tutu try-on day for her ballet class.
 They are starlings, so hot pink is a big stretch, but ... I think all of them are excited for pink!!

 When we all got home Friday night, we finally dyed eggs.  Thanks for the fun stickers Grandma Steves!
 Of course, we only will really eat a certain amount of hard-boiled eggs, luckily, Mom had a good idea for the left over dye... Drop it on a bed of baking soda for fizzy colorful fun!
 Saturday, we were pretty busy.  We had a great day with our friends who came to celebrate easter, eat Ham and Biscuits with us and ... most importantly go on an Easter Egg hunt.
 We had a blast hunting for loads of eggs... my favorite are the cascarones!  Mom found a bunch of pre-made ones at Walgreens and was giddy to be able to add them to our hunt.

 Even Scooter got in on the fun.  I think he managed to edge us out of two hard-boiled eggs.

 The signs of a successful egg hunt!  Confetti and eggshells everywhere.
 When we weren't playing on our own, Dad put together a Kubb set for us (finally!), and we love playing.  I"m getting pretty good, though Dad remains undefeated.
 We were lucky to have a beautiful day for a hunt after the rain and chilly weather this week.
 After a little down-time, a game of Settlers of Catan... we headed out for our big event #2 on Saturday.  We got to go to our first Blazers game as a family! It was pretty awesome!
 and we had a blast.
 We did get the nose-bleed seats, but it was still pretty great, and you could follow the game really well.  Grace is a great cheerleader for the Blazers
 and I followed very carefully....
 Blazers beat the Pelicans 99 to 90, and it was a really great game.... lots of back and forth and close scoring throughout.

 I think we have proper set of fans now!
 Even though we had a late night, we woke early for an(other) Easter egg hunt and baskets.

and too much sugar before heading to church.  It was a great service, followed by a lovely brunch hosted by Dolores and Sally.  This afternoon was finally a little quieter... with some scooting out front 
 Showing off my new vest for Mom (with a tough guy pose)
 and, of course one more round of confetti eggs with Grace, Mom and our very favorite target...
 Dear ol' Dad, who really doesn't get the joy of the cascarones like we do.
 but he is relatively patient with our enthuiasm.

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