Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sneak peek

 Our next performance is coming up next month... and our pink starling leotards finally came in and they are gloriously hot-pink.
 It was a pretty great day in ballet... our helper is back from a big competition in New York (yay for Ruby!) and it was costume try-on day and we looked magnificent.

 Saturday was loads of fun.  We started the morning with some activities around the house.  Owen made some really great rope baskets (one for our dear Esme's birthday below) and I worked on making Mochi!  I don't like to eat it but sure have fun making it!
Esme had her big birthday party at the community pool!  We had a blast and I LOVED getting into the water again, and even did great showing off my swim skills.  

Plus these new froggles are working great finally!

Owen had a blast too, and we all enjoyed splashing all around and celebrating our friend... Happy Birthday Esme!
 Today, I took Esme to see School House Rocks!  Owen's school took him earlier this week so he wasn't as eager to go again, though did love it.
 We went out for a yummy hot chocolate after learning all about the different parts of grammar and how a bill becomes a law and all sorts of other exciting educational tunes (plus at least one appearance of a disco ball!).
 Followed by some running around the art museum and a short play-date at our house.

We are a glamorous crew!  

Owen and Dad did not miss out though because they went fishing and Owen hooked a Sturgeon that was as big as he was!  We are missing the pictures because Dad botched the photography, but he did manage a few cool videos.  The sturgeon was released and swam happily (if not a bit more tired after a 20 min fight) home.  

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