Sunday, May 03, 2015


Sunshine, hammock and a book... what more could a kid ask for?

 well, maybe a great dinner out on the deck enjoying the evening sunshine.
 This weekend whizzed by so quickly.  Mom and G. got some great play-time at the park before ballet.  Mom was supposed to tackle her closet but the sunshine beckoned.
 G. kept seeing the most ADORABLE fuzzy critters this weekend and was smitten by their adorableness.  She talked about these baby ducks forever!
 Mom and I are in full rope basket making mode.  It is a quick, awesome and satisfying project... and useful too!
 Each basket completed first must make its debut as a hat for each member of the family before any other use.
 G had another full dress rehearsal this weekend getting ready for her performance.  It was fun to get a first glimpse of all of the performers.  
 afterwards we went to the Ceramic showcase. I walked around a bit with Dad until we found Aiden, Grace stopped full at the kids activity table and got busy creating monsters!
 Aiden and I finally met up and had a great afternoon creating and admiring all of the artists.  Aiden's dad was one of the potters (Stephen Moellering) and we bought a great planter and overall had a great afternoon.  Our monsters (alas G's didn't make it through a battle) will be fired in Mr Moellering's kiln and we get to paint them later!  I am so excited.
 A little later we HAD to stop at the chinese grocery store where weeks ago Grace spotted a broom that was her size with an upright dustbin, and she has been wistfully remembering it ever since, so after a great day together Dad promised to pick it up.  Mom and I waited in teh parking lot and spotted this guy.  Grace, of course, immediately pronounced his Adorable-ness!

Today we had a beautiful day, and though Mom was grading for most of it, we got our yard ready to adopt J and E's chicken who was feeling a little lonesome.  We finished up with a great play-date

 which included some grass time
 and some bball.

 Joaquin and I made forts, and played basketball and board games while the girls ran around, dressed up and played chicken keeper with the empty coop.

It was a wonderful evening and we are so excited to welcome Bonnie to our flock!

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Val said...

Thank you thank you for taking home our Bonnie!