Sunday, May 24, 2015

Feels unofficially summery

Happy Memorial Day!  We are grateful to those who gave their lives so that we can appreciate and enjoy our freedoms.  This weekend, although we are also grateful to be sort of kicking off summer! 
 Our peonys aren't doing super amazing this year, however, we can still grab some from Trader Joe's, though this may be it for the year.
 This has been the weekend of twinsies.  Dad and I both were blue hoodie twins and then yesterday Mom and I wore matching orange shirts!
 We kicked things off nicely with yummy crepes for breakfast
 then headed out to Kruger's for Strawberry picking!

 In spite of driving through some rain downtown, it turned out to be a perfect day for berry picking... the bushes were full of red ripe berries and the weather was just right.

We got two flats pretty quickly (and picked up some more from the store!) 
 It was a pretty great way to spend the morning!
 We also got to putter around Beaverton (Japanese grocery store, mongolian bbq) before heading over to learn whether Leslie and Joe are having a boy or a girl in the fall!
 It's a boy!  Woo hoo!  Mom totally guessed wrong.  S'alright because it was a fun afternoon with friends.
 and loads of dogs
 and Josh showed us all of his awesome Starwars Legos and his budding guitar collection!
 Today was more mellow, but Mom managed to actually organize a few play-dates.  Aiden came over to play with Owen for the afternoon, and I got to visit my school friend Esme's house (yes my two besties are both named Esme!).  We had a blast and came home to lots of Jam that Dad has been working on all day while smoking some great ribs for dinner (while Mom determinedly cleaned out her closet and dresser!... thank-you konmari)
 Ah, watermelon, really delicious ribs (we devoured a while rack!), and a perfect dinner on the deck.  Not to mention that Owen and I were being extremely helpful all evening, it made everything go pretty smoothly!
 Aaand to follow tradition, Grandma's peony bloomed one week after she visited.  The blossoms are small this year, but better than ours out front that though very leafy has no blooms at all!  Grandma's are beautiful though!

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