Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fish, Michigan Cousins and Fun!

We celebrated the Memorial Day holiday with another family fishing trip to Lost lake, and it was as great as it was before!
 Well, almost, Mom and Grace caught the most fish,

I came in second and poor Dad, the great fishing ringleader went home empty handed,
 though he did do a fantastic job smoking our trout right up.
 and helping Grace bring her fish in... she was pretty excited

The sun has come out in full force this week, well close at least it cools off nicely in the evening.  

 where Grace can use the deck to perfect her hula hooping moves.

 Most exciting of all was a visit from our sweet cousins!  We are thrilled to have met Max for the first time this weekend. Katie, Adam and Max were so wonderful to include a visit with on while on their wonderful vacation!
 M is a real cutie, and super fun to play with.  I've gotten "old" and try to play it cool but even my cool front melted by the end of the weekend. They showed up by lunch to enjoy at laughing planet, and then a public transit tour of Portland.  We rode the tram to enjoy the views, which though not crystal clear, were clear enough to see Mt. Hood and Mt St. Helens.
 M loves trains, so we thought the tram would be a good start,
 and spent the rest of the afternoon trucking through downtown on the Trolly.
 Our only regret was that we didn't figure out how to work the MAX into our tour with Max.
 and in spite of the warm weather, the Jameson fountain wasn't on yet.
 but watching Max get excited for the trolly was totally wonderful!
 He's a cute happy kiddo!
 and not to bad at Kubb too.
 G loves Max and keeps telling Mom how great she thinks he is!

 and after the a morning guitar lesson, we introduced the crew to dim sum!  M is a fan of the char siu baos (my least favorite if you can figure that out).
 After we bid them fair journey, we had some down-time at home and then headed out to see Ramona at the Children's theater.  It was fantastic!  Pretty much hit the sibling story on the head.
 We walked around downtown a bit and even talked the folks into a pretty yummy ice-cream stop.

 in all, I think we totally wore Grace out as she crashed pretty hard on the way home.
 but at least Dad and I got to finish our Risk game!

We feel so lucky to be able to spend this weekend with Adam Katie and Max, I hope we don't wait too long before visiting with them again!

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