Sunday, May 17, 2015

Starlings all around!

I did my test for spear this week and did awesome!  Mom didn't get the video done right but my skills are really great... next up 3-sectional staff, which I am very excited about!  
Grace also had her big performance this spring... over the weekend so Grandma Terri came down so she could see the awesome ballet!
Generally, I eat about anything, but G... G is more selective.  It's always exciting to discover new foods she loves to eat... like beets!

We will try our best to get a video of her performance uploaded in the next day or so!  
Friday Mom, Grandma and Grace spent the day running errands, but Saturday was G's big performance.  
 She had a blast getting ready with everyone...  they had a great changing/waiting room this time, where there were actually seats!

 and they were feeling lucky to get to hang out a bit with their TA Ruby.
 A, G, M, F, G, and Z... all waiting patiently for their big show!

 They were fantastic, G. did really well with her graceful starling wings and beautiful smile!

 She was positively giddy afterwards and was almost overwhelmed by all of the flowers and sweet friends who came to watch!

 She even got a great team from Church to come and watch her perform, she is so lucky!

 She was particularly excited that Grandma came out to see her dance, and we are grateful for some more visits with her!  I know it was a quick turn-around from last week, but we are always glad to spend time with her!
 I even did a pretty good job showing Grace how proud I was of her (by taste testing all of the cheese at the farmers market and coming home with all of our favorite foods).
 We now have flowers all over the house!  I don't think Grace stopped giggling for an hour after the performance.

 and being in awe of all of the pretty flowers just for her.
 We finished up a pretty exciting day with a great birthday party for me and Dad... Happy Birthday T!  While the gals were in recovery from the busy and exciting morning.  We had a great time making duct-tape monsters that turned out pretty cool looking..  After we all met at the movie theater and Dad and I got to see the Age of Ultron and Mom, Grandma, and G. saw Cinderella (thumbs up all around!). Pshew and we finally headed home for dinner and relax for a little bit from our wonderfully busy day!
 Today finally, finally, I got Grandma to sit down for a proper board game.  She lasted long after Mom and Dad were out, and even had a pretty decent come-back towards the end.  Thank you Grandma, I know board games are a lot to ask, but I really love playing with you!

 Mom and Grandma grabbed breakfast at a great new spot... Trinket (seriously, they were very impressed with the trout hash, chicken and biscuit and a really awesome pistachio roll).  Dad and I took Grandma to the airport later in the afternoon, while the gals went to see Swan Lake by the same studio that Grace takes lessons from.  These were teenagers who were very professional, they were amazing dancers and it was a beautiful performance.  They shared this one too with Val and Esme!
 they are great ballet buddies!
 who invited us over for a great dinner and an opportunity to meet their cute new dog Buffy!  She is a super sweetie, even though I manage to rile her up more than most.  Very calm, sweet, adorable and already completely attached to Val!
 E. and G enjoyed the latest Zita book with Ray while Dad started J's new board game with us.
It has been a busy and fun-filled weekend!  The sun finally peeked out this afternoon to break up several grey days, and got to spend our weekend with family and friends having loads of fun!  Thanks all!

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