Sunday, May 10, 2015

wedding and mother's day

Mom and I took an extra special excursion to Fresno this weekend to celebrate cousin Brittany and Sam's wedding!  It was made extra special that we got to hang out with the whole maternal line for the Mother's day weekend.  We count ourselves so lucky and loved to spend time with Great-Grandma and Grandma this weekend as well as the rest of our amazing family!
but to back up a smidge, I have been so very very excited about this trip... A wedding after all and a special trip with Mom.  
 We left extra early 'cause the President was in town, so we figured traffic was going to be unpredictable (it was fine), which meant those last few hours (after barely being able to wait for the past several weeks!!) was challenging, luckily there was lunch and plenty to see in the airport to keep us entertained.  And best of all... we arrived right in time to meet up with this cutie...
 We had a blast spending the evening with Kye, Erin, G'auntie Geralyne and G'uncle Mark and Uncle Ryan who showed up right as dinner was served!
 Kye has turned into quite the runner since we least met just a few months ago!
 Saturday morning, Mom and I split up and she went over to visit baby Ava on the morning of her first birthday party!  Though Ava was just waking up as Mom had to take off, she was happy to get a quick cuddle in and to catch up with Becky, Susan and Mrs Smith!
 Everyone met back up by lunch time.  I got to help Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Geralyne and Uncle Mark set up at the cultural center which was super fun, and I was very helpful with the napkins and the champagne glasses.
 I got all decked out in my new wedding clothes.
 The wedding was far out in the country was a lovely ceremony.  I was excited to run into Great Grandma Mary, as well as all of the rest of my Great Aunties, Great uncles, Cousins and all!!

 Of course, Kye was there looking dapper in his wedding duds.  
 Great-Aunt Kathy and Jordan
 Uncle Ry
 Great-Aunties Gigi and Geralyne
 and the beautiful bride Brittany and her husband Sam!

Everything went so smoothly and was very sweet.   
My favorite though was getting to party with everyone afterwards back at the cultural center... This was where Mom and Dad got married as well (many years before!).

 I was (maybe a little over excited) to reconnect with these awesome cousins!  We were very helpful passing out cake, lighting candles and the lights, and overall lending a hand and a few dancing legs where we could!
 Uncle Jason, Auntie Ann, Kaylee and Clark

 All of the brothers and sisters were able to be there to celebrate!

 I even got to hang out a little bit with the bride!  Brittany looked so beautiful!

 I was keenly interested in the father-daughter dance and when I got home I told Dad all about that.  He promised to dance with me too when I get married !  I am now extra fond of Uncle Geary, and will explain that it is because he was nice when we were passing out cake and showed us all of the secret passageways and ramps in the cultural center.

 I got a little version of a special dance when I got to dance with Uncle Ryan a little bit (and loved it!).

 The cultural center remains a beautiful building that has loads of lovely treasures.  I thought the foo-dog was pretty awesome and matched the one on Mom's necklace.
 when I wanted to dance away from the crowd there was a great space inside for lots of dancing, and dashing around.
 We did celebrate a great mother's day breakfast with Grandma, Mom and Uncle Ry and Grandpa this morning before taking off back home!

Owen and Dad had a great time fishing at Lost Lake and caught their limit of trout, which we enjoyed for dinner after a massive lunch of Dim Sum on the way home from the airport.   Mom got to enjoy her new flower in the garden that we sneakily picked out when we were at the tulip farm last month as well as all of the wonderful gifts and cards we made her!
 I decorated a pretty bag with lovely fabric scraps and Owen made her a pretty dish.
 Happy Mother's day to the wonderful mothers out there!  We love you for you have made us who we are today!  Thank you!

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