Sunday, June 28, 2015


To start things off, I am very excited to report that I just beat Dad at chess for the very first time.  The tables are turning!  I joined Grace at YART camp this week, well, we were on the same campus and I took the pottery class for the week, and got to use the wheel and play with a lot of clay!  It turned out to be a pretty cool week, though I have not brought home any of my creations yet.  Pictures when they come!

We also enjoyed a great dinner with our pals, it is always fun to have them over...

Joaquin and I pretty much hunkered down in my room with a big pile of leggos and G and E enjoyed the new big ol' dollhouse that Mom and I picked up this week.

This weekend, we immersed ourselves in an embarrassment of blueberries.  We woke up early to beat the anticipated heat and arrived at Anne Jones Blueberry Farm on Sauvie Island.  We totally recommend this place, unless you get there before us and pick all of their magnificent blueberries.

It was awesome, the blueberry bushes are bursting (still are if you can go!).

We picked 34lbs... 34lbs in about an hour!!!  Mom was getting a little obsessed and failed to see that with all of us picking, it went pretty quickly.  We were done by the time the sun hit the little valley so it was very comfortable picking too. My only complaint was that the family parked itself right by the predatory bird call speaker that was screeching periodically (didn't really bother anyone else)

It's maybe enough to get us through this year.  We are still freezing batches, made blueberry muffins and are stuffing our faces by the fistfull.  After we filled our giant cooler with berries, we headed towards the coast (again... I know but its summer!)  We went to Haystack Rock this time to check out the tide pools.  First we ate lunch at Mo's which fit everyone's perfect coastal meal with clam chowder, fish-n-chips and... big treat for G and Me... root beer floats!

 and for me... an oyster shooter. I did it with grace, but I think Mom enjoyed hers a lot more than I enjoyed mine.
 Finally after we had our fill we walked down to the beach and over to haystack Rock.  There were a lot of jellies and some ctenophores washed up, and we had a great time collecting them and dropping them into pools so we could see them (well, mostly we liked collecting them).

 As soon as Dad put out the beach blanket, we got down to business... digging holes.
 Very deep holes, caverns practically as we hit the waterline and it would erode a nice cave about 1' under the surface.
 Grace put her feet in hers and had Dad make her a mermaid tail.
 and when I wasn't poking around the tidepools or picking up all of the flotsam on the beach, I looked mostly like this.....
 you know, digging.  People would stop... worried/in wonder at the depth of my hole.
 it was a beautiful day to spend at the beach!

 It is really pretty hard to go wrong with a day at the beach.
 We did not stay too late because we had blueberries to wash and freeze... lots and lots.
Today was mellower, but we still managed to get Dad to visit a lot of Garage sales after a church lunch picnic (that we walked to... quite a ways in the heat/humidity).  I successfully found a small tape recorder ... with 3 tapes!  I really am loving yard sales.  Grandpa Steves, we must go exploring when you come to visit!!  After Mom got home from Yoga, we heard the great news that her cousin Patrick was in town and he stopped over for the afternoon with his friend.  It was fun to catch-up, as they hadn't really seen eachother for almost 7 years!  Mom experimented with canning some blueberries in raspberry liquor (taste good, a bit mushier than she wanted), and then the folks surprised us with a movie.  We saw Inside-out which this is my review "it was okay, better than I expected it to be"   =  glowing for me!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Our awesome daddy!

Dad went to Maryland this past week, so we were sticking with Mom all week to kick off summer break!  Owen started camp... and kicked it off with a week at archery camp at Trackers.  He had a blast, and spent all week going on archery missions, trying all sorts of bows, and traveling all over the place.  He came to my ballet class covered in charcoal and very happy.   
 We were so happy to have him home.  Mom did okay, but nothing too exciting except work while we enjoyed all of our summertime activities.  She also had to get ready for summer school this weekend so we got to make up a lot of time with Dad.  Saturday we set up a lemonade stand... it was a slow start this season, I think we need a better time slot.
 We had a lot of fun horsing around the house and helping with the cooking.
 Today we got to celebrate not only that Dad is home, but that it is also Father's Day!  We feel so lucky to have a Dad who is up for an adventure... and took us to the beach for the first time this summer.  Well, I was extra excited because it was the first day of REAL summer, Father's day, the longest day, and Uncle Ryan's birthday.  So many wonderful things.
 We went to Cannon beach and had a great day flying our kite,
 and running around
 and getting buried in the sand.
 Owen even got his first clam chowder in a bread bowl.  he LOVED the clam chowder but reported that the bread was too shiny.
Happy Father's Day Dad and to all of the wonderful, amazing, kind, clever, fun Dads in our lives.  We are so grateful to you for all of our care and love.  Thank you!  Happy birthday also to Uncle Ry!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Watermelon and summer break!

 So that was it!  I finished up 3rd grade with flying colors!  Mr. A was a great teacher, and I had a wonderful year overall.
 Riding off to my last day of school.
 To celebrate the summer and the school year my buddy X threw a brilliant boat float party that was awesome!  First we designed all sorts of cool boats.  My first try was cool looking but needed some more flotation.  My second was pretty perfect though.  Grace also had a false start but ended up with a really great floaty boat.
 as you can probably guess, the fun bubbles and boat float quickly devolved into a big ol water fight.

 We left there soaked and exhausted, a perfect way to kick off the summer.
 Grace had her last day of ballet with her teacher (there will be a sub in subsequent weeks) and got to go to the Barre, which is a pretty exciting step before her next level of ballet.
 You know it's summer when your Dad cuts a watermelon into quarters and send us outside to eat it in the sunshine.
 We actually did pretty well, I finished much more than Grace, but she is more of a steady all day sort of watermelon eater.

 We got an extra yummy one from Costco.

 It was a bit of a throw-back movie weekend.  Mom went to see a 10th anniversary of firefly with Robyn on Friday and we all got to go to see The Princess Bride with our pals on Saturday night!  It was awesome.  We were also pretty excited to have a sleep over.  I went over to Joaquin's house and Esme stayed with Grace and the folks.  
 They ate more watermelon, and in the morning had a great nature walk (after not really sleeping that much... sorry Val), but it sounded like they had the same sleep schedule as us... Asleep after 10pm and up at 5:30.
 Their nature walk consisted of walking around the neighborhood and sketching and "writing" notes on all of the plants.  They were pretty serious about this endeavor.

A lovely way to kick off the summer!  Can't wait for loads of fun weekends with friends and camps, berries, sunshine... the works.